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Unveiling the New San Pedro Alcántara Sports Centre: Public Access Post-Summer!

April 8, 2024
Unveiling the New San Pedro Alcántara Sports Centre: Public Access Post-Summer! - pabellon spa marbella U44410713850kYb - Leisure -

Final Stages of Construction for New Sports Centre in San Pedro Alcántara

The construction of a new sports centre in San Pedro Alcántara is nearing completion, with the facility set to open its doors to the public after the summer season. The site, which is reported to be 90% complete, was recently visited by Marbella mayor Ángeles Muñoz, deputy mayor Javier García and councillor for sports Lisandro Vieytes. The officials have described the project as a significant commitment to providing top-tier facilities that meet the needs of local residents and clubs.

Strategic Location and Versatile Design

The sports centre is strategically located in an area undergoing transformation, with the construction of a high school, a music and dance school, public housing, a multi-purpose facility, playgrounds and a centre for the elderly. The facility, which spans 4,300 square metres and can accommodate 800 people, is expected to open in September. The mayor has praised the centre’s modern and avant-garde design, which aligns with the character of the San Pedro area.

Features of the New Sports Centre

The new sports hall, located on Calle Lyon, is nestled on the southern ring road in San Pedro, amidst landscaped areas. The main hall, situated at the eastern end, boasts a double entrance from both the north and south sides. The centre’s multi-purpose court, spanning 1,696 square metres, is equipped for various sports including handball, basketball, indoor football and volleyball. The court can also be divided into three separate courts for basketball and volleyball. The stands, accessible from the upper floor, can seat approximately 760 spectators.

Additional Facilities and Accessibility

The building also features a changing room area, with four group changing rooms, two collective changing rooms and three for referees. There is also a multi-purpose room that can be divided into three sections, and a gymnasium designed for yoga, pilates and other classes. The complex will provide 81 parking spaces, including three for people with reduced mobility and five for charging electric vehicles.

Expansion and Growth in San Pedro Alcántara’s Ensanche Sur Area

The entire area of San Pedro Alcántara’s Ensanche Sur is experiencing expansion and growth. One of the recently announced projects in the area includes the construction of 84 subsidised housing units.

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