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Breaking: Junta Promises New Dawn for Ojén’s Eco Reserva Wildlife Park with Revolutionary Management!

The local governing body has stated that there will be no instance where the animals are taken away from the park, and hunting activities will not be allowed to continue.
January 9, 2024
Ojén's Eco Reserva

Future of Eco Reserva Wildlife Park Secured by New Management

The Eco Reserva wildlife park in Ojén, which has been closed to the public since 2022, will continue to operate under new management, as confirmed by the regional Junta de Andalucía to SUR this week. The park has been at the center of a dispute between the regional environment department and the concession-holder Andalucía Ecotour S. L., sparking concerns about the future of the animals residing there.

Guaranteed Safety and Welfare for Wildlife and Visitors

Junta sources have assured that the Eco Reserva will remain open with full guarantees through another company. They emphasized that the animals will not be removed and hunting activity, which ceased 33 years ago, will not be reinstated. The regional administration’s primary goal is to ensure the safety and welfare of the wildlife, as well as the health and safety of visitors.

Service Tender and Care for Animals

The regional authority announced that the service would be put out to tender, with several firms already expressing interest in taking over the park. It was also highlighted that the care and feeding of the animals are currently being handled by Junta de Andalucía employees.

The Closure of the Eco Reserva

The Ojén Eco Reserva, situated on public mountain terrain, was granted a concession for use in May 2016, subject to several conditions imposed by the regional authority. However, in August 2020, the Junta identified up to 15 instances of non-compliance with the regulations governing zoological parks in Andalucía, leading to the park’s closure in February 2022.

Legal Proceedings and Revocation of Concession

The case was brought before a Malaga administrative court, resulting in the revocation of the concession in February 2023. The representative of the firm was ordered to vacate the site in November of the same year, where he had been residing in one of the Eco Reserva’s huts without access to electricity or water.

Support from Organizations and Dispute over Waste Management

Antonio Calvo, the manager of Andalucía Ecotour S.L, revealed that several organizations have assisted with the care of the animals during the park’s closure. The most significant support comes from El Corte Inglés, which delivers a pallet of fresh fruit and vegetables daily. However, a dispute has arisen over the disposal of the plastic and cardboard packaging, which the Junta considers to be dangerous waste. The Junta refutes Calvo’s claims, stating that the animals’ care and feeding are being managed by the regional authority.

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