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Marbella Residents Raise Alarm Again Over the Invasion of Motorhomes!

April 20, 2024
Marbella Residents Raise Alarm Again Over the Invasion of Motorhomes! - mini1 1713285928 - Local Events and Festivities -

Residents of Molino de Viento Area in Marbella Complain About the Proliferation of Motorhomes

Residents of the Molino de Viento area in Marbella have once again publicly denounced the proliferation of motorhomes in their neighborhood. They maintain their criticism of the City Council for not taking measures to address the issue. One of the solutions they propose is to extend regulated parking to the streets where these vehicles usually park. They also mention the presence of abandoned vehicles.

Previous Complaints and Proposed Solutions

In January, residents of this area of Marbella approached Marbella24horas to voice their complaints after submitting several letters to the City Council and Local Police, which did not result in any solution. They were seeking a solution to what they called an “invasion” of motorhomes on Arturo Rubinstein, Estébanez Calderón, and Camilo José Cela streets. They claimed that these vehicles were parked there for months without any control, causing “insecurity and dirtiness”. Now, three months later, they are once again insisting on their demands, as the situation remains the same.

Residents’ Concerns and Requests to the City Council

Residents believe that these streets “have become an attraction for motorhomes” and now also mention the presence of abandoned cars. They continue to ask the City Council to pay attention to them, although they acknowledge that the pressure they can exert is limited since most of the residents are not locals and there are “few voters”. One of the solutions they propose again is to extend regulated parking, the blue zone, to these streets, which they believe would deter motorhomes.

Residents’ Frustration and the Need for a New Ordinance

These residents believe that addressing the City Council “has no return or response” and they are already tired of this situation. In the plenary session in January, a motion was approved, at the request of OSP, to draft an ordinance regulating the parking of motorhomes in the municipality. This political group also denounced similar situations in the core of San Pedro Alcántara and called for control. Now it remains to be seen whether the government team will fulfill the plenary agreement. According to the Traffic and Circulation Ordinance of Marbella, a vehicle can only park for 16 consecutive days in the same place, although this is very difficult to control.

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