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Cat’s Verdict Seals Getafe B’s Fate, Marbella One Step Away from Promotion Following 2-

May 21, 2024
Cat's Verdict Seals Getafe B's Fate, Marbella One Step Away from Promotion Following 2- - mini1 1716144968 - Sports and Recreation -

Marbella FC Advances to the Next Round of the Playoffs

Marbella FC has knocked out Getafe B and is one step away from moving up to the 1st RFEF, the third national category. After a goalless draw in the first leg, Marbella FC won the second leg with goals from Dago and Gato. The decisive round will be drawn on Monday.

Marbella FC’s Performance in the First Playoff Elimination Round

Marbella FC has done its homework in the first playoff elimination round. After eliminating Getafe, the team advances to the second round, which will be decisive and will determine a spot in the 1st RFEF next season.

First Half of the Match

The first half was too contemplative for the locals, against a subsidiary that demonstrated great ball handling and had the best goal opportunities. However, Marbella FC did not start well. Three minutes into the game, Carrasco saved what could have been the first visitor goal.

Second Half of the Match

The second half started wonderfully for Marbella FC. Just 52 seconds into the second period, Dago opened the scoring after a great service from Ohemeng. Getafe B was forced to step forward to get into the match and warned in the 51st minute with a shot from the front that Lejárraga cleared with a great stretch.

Marbella FC Celebrates Dago’s First Goal

The locals were not in a hurry, they moved the ball calmly and looked for the bands to try to put the blue defense in trouble. Ohemeng reappeared with two very dangerous centers. In the first of them, Hugo Rodríguez did not reach the shot by centimeters.

Getafe B’s Performance

However, the tie was not closed and Getafe B managed to get into it by scoring Nico Conesa a rejection of Lejárraga after a great stop by the goalkeeper. The tie was good for Marbella, but Fran Beltrán’s team wanted the victory and in a great fight play by Juanma Acevedo, he beat the defender and put a pass that Gato finished inside the area to make it 2-1 in the 83rd minute.

Marbella FC’s Victory

Getafe B was very touched with the second goal of a Marbella that has known how to maintain control of the match in the final stretch. Without suffering and ensuring its presence in the final elimination round for the promotion to the delight of the Marbella FC stand.

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