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Uncover 2024 Spain’s Most Luxurious Breakfast at This Hidden Costa del Sol Resort!

The winner of the inaugural edition of this competition is a high-end hotel situated in the province of Malaga, chosen by a group of experts who extensively traveled the country to narrow down the contestants, ultimately selecting nine finalists.
January 31, 2024
Luxurious Breakfast Award
Luxurious Breakfast Award

Finca Cortesín Wins Best Hotel Breakfast Award

In a bid to recognize the dedication to providing top-quality ingredients, crafting exceptional culinary creations, and offering a dining experience that exudes attentive service, the award for Best Hotel Breakfast was conceived. The inaugural event, organized by Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España, saw a hotel from Malaga province, Finca Cortesín (Casares), emerge as the winner.

Selection Process and Finalists of Luxurious Breakfast

Over several months, the gastronomic conference team embarked on a journey across numerous Spanish hotels. Their mission was to identify the establishments that best embodied their vision. The final shortlist comprised nine hotels: Ibiza Gran Hotel (Ibiza), Royal Hideaway Corales Beach (La Caleta-Tenerife), Alma (Barcelona-Catalonia), Molino de Alcuneza (Guadalajara), Hotel Narbasu (Cereceda-Asturias), Hotel Pico Velasco (Angustina-Cantabria), Abadía de Retuerta (Valladolid), and Qú Marriott (Madrid), alongside the eventual winner, Finca Cortesín.

Finca Cortesín: The Best Luxurious Breakfast in Spain

A panel of experts, through a secret ballot, declared the Malaga-based restaurant as the provider of the best hotel breakfast. They lauded it as “one of the great temples of morning snacks in Spain,” with its tables set amidst a garden of century-old olive trees. The breakfast service at Finca Cortesín deviates from the traditional buffet style, instead offering an à la carte menu upon request.

Behind the Winning Breakfast

The breakfast menu at Finca Cortesín ranges from juices and eggs to freshly peeled fruit salads, freshly baked pastries, and smoked and cured meats. The man behind this winning breakfast is Chef Lutz Bösing, who brings a touch of refinement from the classical Central European school. The idyllic setting of this exclusive restaurant completes the award-winning breakfast experience.

Luxurious Breakfast Award
Luxurious Breakfast Award

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