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Discover How Marbella’s New Pedestrian-Friendly Neighbourhoods Will Transform Your Everyday Life!

April 30, 2024
Pedestrianisation of Marbella neighbourhoods will make 'day-to-day life easier'

Marbella’s Calle de Leganitos Undergoes Pedestrianisation

Work is currently in progress to pedestrianise Calle de Leganitos and its surrounding areas in Marbella. The announcement was made by Diego López, the Councillor for Public Works, on Monday, 29th April. He stated that the project is expected to be completed by next week.

Improvements to Include New Pavement and Removal of Architectural Barriers

The project includes several improvements such as the construction of a new 250 square metre pavement. It also involves the removal of architectural barriers and the relocation of the existing motorbike parking area. These changes are part of the council’s efforts to enhance the quality of life for the residents of this popular area.

Project Aims to Enhance Day-to-Day Life for Residents

López explained that the project is designed to improve the daily life of the residents in this bustling part of the town centre. The area is known for housing one of the health centres. He further added that this project is a prime example of how minor changes can significantly improve the well-being of the residents.

Improving Pedestrian Spaces and Accessibility

The main objective of this project, according to López, is to enhance pedestrian spaces and improve accessibility. The area had many old pavements that hindered the movement of people with reduced mobility, or those with shopping trolleys or baby buggies. The improvements aim to address these issues.

Leganitos and Miraflores: The Busiest Areas of Marbella

The Leganitos and Miraflores neighbourhoods are among the busiest areas in Marbella’s town centre. Their proximity to the municipal market, the Guardia Civil police station, and the Río Huelo sports complex makes them a hub of activity. The pedestrianisation project is expected to significantly enhance the quality of life in these bustling neighbourhoods.

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