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Marbella’s Revolutionary Project Set to Double Parking Spaces and Skyrocket Road Safety in Prime Location!

March 22, 2024
Marbella project will double the number of parking spaces and improve road safety in key area

Marbella Town Hall Undertakes Redesign of Avenida José Manuel Vallés

Marbella’s local government is currently in the process of revamping a section of Avenida José Manuel Vallés. The primary objective of this project is to double the existing parking capacity in the area. The construction work is concentrated between the Manuel Haro and Gabriel Lima roundabouts.

Project Progress and Expected Improvements

Diego López, Marbella’s councillor for works, has provided an update on the project’s progress. According to him, the project is already 40 per cent complete. The redesign is expected to enhance road safety and pedestrian access. This will be achieved through the construction of a new pavement and a 200-metre long wall, which will replace the previous planters.

Revitalising a Bustling Area

López pointed out that the area is densely populated and experiences a high influx of people due to the presence of health facilities, supermarkets, and shops. He believes that the project will breathe new life into the entire area.

Creating More Accessible Pavements and Parking Spaces

The councillor explained that the redesign involves the creation of wider, more useful, and accessible pavements. Upon completion of the work, the total number of parking spaces will increase to 64, a significant jump from the current 30. López emphasised that the redesign will make the area safer for both drivers and pedestrians.

Demolition and Construction of New Wall

López added that the planters, which were in a state of disrepair, have been demolished. In their place, a wall extending over 200 metres has been constructed to protect Calle Yunque and the surrounding buildings.

Additional Safety Measures

The project also includes the creation of new pedestrian crossings in line with current regulations. This will further enhance the safety of drivers and pedestrians. López also mentioned that the lights removed during the construction phase will be replaced once the renovation of the avenue is completed.

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