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Discover the Simplified Andalusia Plan Measures Unveiled by the Board in Marbella!

March 22, 2024
Discover the Simplified Andalusia Plan Measures Unveiled by the Board in Marbella! - mini1 1708041233 - Local Events and Festivities -

New Measures Introduced to Boost Construction of Affordable Housing in Andalusia

Patricia Navarro, the Andalusian Government’s delegate in Malaga, announced new measures of the Andalusia Simplifies Plan in Marbella this Thursday. These changes will alter the regulations for accessing Officially Protected Housing (VPO) and are expected to stimulate the construction of more VPOs, making them accessible to more citizens.

Meeting with Marbella’s Mayor

Navarro, who met with Marbella’s Mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, today, emphasized that the fourth Administrative Simplification Decree of the Andalusian Government, part of the Andalusia Simplifies Plan and recently approved by the Government Council, will contribute to the revival of this market. It will lead to the construction of more VPOs and enable more citizens to truly access them.

Reviving Public Housing

“These changes were absolutely necessary to revive public housing because for three years it has been almost stopped by developers and increasing its construction is a clear demand from citizens,” said the delegate. She explained that this will enable the construction of thousands of protected homes in Andalusia, many of them in the province of Malaga.

Efforts to Boost Affordable Housing

Navarro recalled that since 2019, the Andalusian Government has taken steps to promote the construction of affordable housing. This has resulted in the certification of more than 10,000 protected homes in Andalusia in five years, triple the number in previous stages. Malaga has been at the forefront, with more than 2,600 units promoted by the Regional Government throughout the province.

Increasing Supply and Reaching More Citizens

The intention with the new administrative simplification decree is to further increase the supply in less time and reach more citizens. The basic module, which serves as the basis for defining the sale or rental price of protected homes, is increased by 14.5% and an automatic annual update is established based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This is intended to encourage developers to participate more in these types of promotions.

Reducing Administrative Burdens

In addition, the Administrative Simplification Decree includes a modification on the contract visa, which is replaced by a responsible declaration from the developer to eliminate administrative burdens. This will save time in the procedure and speed up the steps for protected homes to reach their recipients as quickly as possible. The delegate indicated that for developers and construction companies, “it is about removing obstacles that hinder the commitment to protected housing, but we also want to facilitate access for buyers or tenants.”

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