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Berlanga Reveals: San Pedro is a Historic Club with a Plan to Rise to the Top!

May 15, 2024
Berlanga Reveals: San Pedro is a Historic Club with a Plan to Rise to the Top! - mini1 1715684280 - Local Events and Festivities -

Miguel Ángel Berlanga Appointed as New Coach for UD San Pedro

Miguel Ángel Berlanga will be coaching UD San Pedro in the upcoming season. He was introduced today as the new red-and-black coach. Berlanga, the new coach of the Sampedreño club, made it clear during his introduction that “San Pedro is a historic club with an attractive project, which is to ascend.”

Retaining Key Players from Last Season

Berlanga has expressed his intention to retain a significant portion of the squad from the recently concluded season. There is no time to waste, and UD San Pedro knows this better than anyone. After the disappointment of missing out on promotion to 3rd RFEF, the red-and-black entity led by Juan Manuel Blanco “Mané” is working hard to achieve this goal next season.

Mané and Berlanga Share the Same Goal

During the introduction of coach Miguel Ángel Berlanga, Mané made it clear that “the goal for next year will be the same, promotion.” Berlanga, who has coached in Ceuta, Melilla in 3rd RFEF, and also in the Gibraltar League at Europa FC, where he competed in European competition, assured that he is joining “a historic club with a project to ascend, which is very attractive.”

Building a Strong Team for the Upcoming Season

Since his confirmation as the new coach, the Algeciras-born Berlanga has been in constant contact with the sports management to make decisions for the upcoming season. Berlanga’s idea is to have a strong base of footballers who have played this season at UD San Pedro. Regarding his style of play, Miguel Ángel Berlanga pointed out that “my idea of play has always been to be bold with the ball, so that the spectator has fun and sees a recognizable, attractive, and dominant team.”

Importance of Team Spirit

Berlanga also emphasized the importance of the group, preferring to bring in good people over good players. A good group is capable of moving forward. This opinion is shared with Mané, who believes that “the club has to be a family.”

Planning for the Next Season

The club is already working on planning for the next season. In this regard, President Mané made it clear that “this season it was a mistake not to have a goal in the team”, so he assured that “we need to sign two good forwards.” The Algeciras-born coach brings with him an assistant coach but “for contractual reasons, we cannot yet announce who it is.”

Preparation for the Upcoming Matches

However, he did inform that the team will start working in the last week of July. “From July 1, there will be a personalized plan for the players, as we expect to play the first rounds of the Andalusia Cup between August 10-15, which could give us access to the King’s Cup.”

Support for Young Players

Finally, he expressed his support for the youth academy and specified that “we are not going to look at the ID, in Melilla I have made cadets debut. If they are prepared to play, age does not matter.”

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