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Dramatic Aerial Battle Tames Raging Marbella Forest Fire: Helicopters and Planes Save the Day

December 31, 2023
Dramatic Aerial Battle Tames Raging Marbella Forest Fire: Helicopters and Planes Save the Day - marbella fire e1691669201977 - Environmental and Conservation Efforts -

Forest Fire Declared in Marbella Amid High Alert in Spain

A forest fire was declared in Marbella today, just hours after a high alert was issued across Spain due to soaring temperatures and dry, windy conditions. The fire was reported by Andalucia’s forest fire taskforce INFOCA, who shared an image of a massive column of smoke rising from the hills behind a block of white apartments.

Emergency Services Respond to the Inferno

In response to the fire, two planes, two helicopters, and four groups of firefighters were dispatched to the scene. The emergency services have since managed to stabilize the situation. Earlier in the day, expats reported seeing what appeared to be smoke in the air and hearing helicopters flying overhead.

INFOCA Shares Updates on Social Media

INFOCA has been actively sharing updates on the situation via their Twitter account. They posted about the fire being stabilized and shared images of the firefighting efforts. They also detailed the resources deployed to tackle the fire, including ground and air units.

Local Residents Share Their Experiences

Local residents have also been sharing their experiences on social media. One British resident posted a photo of a helicopter flying over their villa, carrying a container filled with water to douse the flames.

Ojen Town Hall Issues Statement

The town hall of Ojen issued a statement on Twitter, confirming the fire in the Viñavieja area of their municipality. They reported that air and land resources, including three helicopters and two fire units, were deployed and that the fire was being controlled.

Marbella Town Hall Confirms No Homes Affected

Marbella town hall also issued a statement, confirming that no homes have been affected by the fire so far. The situation continues to be monitored closely as the firefighting efforts continue.

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