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Unbelievable! 50 Police Officers Storm Famed Marbella Beach Club Over the Weekend!

June 22, 2024
Imagen principal - This is the moment around 50 police officers raided a popular beach club in Marbella at the weekend

Marbella Beach Club Raided by National Police in Organised Crime Crackdown

In a significant operation over the weekend, a large contingent of National Police officers descended on a popular beach club in Marbella, resulting in the arrest of a woman believed to be involved in a serious and organised crime investigation. The operation, which involved around 50 officers, ten vehicles, and a helicopter, lasted for an hour.

Plan Marbella: A Response to Rising Crime Rates

The raid was part of a larger initiative known as Plan Marbella, a police crackdown aimed at combating the surge in crime, particularly shootings, that the city witnessed in March and April. The Playa Padre beach club, situated on the bustling El Cable beach, was the focus of the operation on Sunday afternoon (16 June), during the Boho Sunday party.

Party Resumes Post Police Operation

Despite the police intervention, the party at the beach club resumed without any further incidents. Plan Marbella has been successful in identifying over 3,000 individuals, leading to ten arrests and the confiscation of 29 weapons in the month of May alone.

Identifying Perpetrators and Extending Operations

Thanks to these efforts, the National Police have been successful in identifying the individuals responsible for the recent shootings in the municipality. The operation is set to expand to Fuengirola in the coming month.

300 Security Checks Conducted in May

A report from the Malaga provincial police station reveals that during the month of May, officers conducted 300 security checks in Marbella as part of their ongoing efforts to curb crime in the region.

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