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IU Labels Marbella’s New Stadium Project as a Sensational Knockout!

April 12, 2024
IU Labels Marbella's New Stadium Project as a Sensational Knockout! - mini1 1712578078 - Local Events and Festivities -

Fencing Image Surrounding the Old Lorenzo Cuevas Stadium

A picture of the fences placed around the old Lorenzo Cuevas Stadium has been released. The Local Assembly of United Left has criticized the situation, stating that the municipal stadium should not be another windfall for a private company. They believe that Mayor Ángeles Muñoz continues to play games with an infrastructure that is crucial for the city.

Insistence on Public Ownership for the Benefit of Citizens

The assembly insists that the facility should be public for the enjoyment of the citizens. They have expressed concern over the announcement of a direct demanial concession to a private institution, calling it the latest in a series of mismanagement by the PP of Marbella in the case of the stadium.

Recalling Past Failures and Wasted Public Funds

The group recalls that four years ago, a mega-project was announced in Puerto Banús for a mini Bernabéu that never materialized. They also point out that public money was wasted on an ideas competition that cost nearly a million euros, resulting in a stadium and a 200-meter covered athletics track with a budget of 18 million euros that now seems unlikely to be realized.

Concerns Over Future Plans for the Stadium

Now, it has been announced that the Marbella FC foundation will carry out the work, adding another twist to the disaster that the stadium case has become. The group argues that the city cannot be the subject of another PP brand windfall with an announced investment of 130 million euros to build a football stadium, a hotel, a parking lot, and various commercial areas that are expected to be for private use.

Opposition to Private Profit from Public Infrastructure

They believe that the city cannot lose a public facility in such a central area for a private institution to make a profit. The United Left emphasizes that the same state contracting advisory board believes that in the figure of the concession or in the demanial authorization, the economic interest of the individual to whom the right to exploit public goods is granted will prevail, with the administration’s interest in such cases being merely to obtain income (exploitation fee), without the public interest being a priority.

Reminders of Past Failures and Loss of Credibility

This new announcement reminds them of others that were made, such as the mega-project of the Puerto de la Bajadilla, where the mayor appeared with an investor who was supposedly going to revitalize the entire city but ended in a resounding failure, dragging the credibility of Ángeles Muñoz, and that of Marbella.

Call for Public Facilities for Citizens’ Use and Enjoyment

The United Left reaffirms that the facility to be built, as well as the rest of the elements included such as the parking lot or other sports tracks, should be a public facility for the use and enjoyment of the citizens. They also believe that the new urbanization of the area should serve to revitalize the neighborhood. They conclude by saying that Ángeles Muñoz should stop making empty promises, announcing millions of euros in works or deadlines that never arrive when the stadium will be built.

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