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Unleash Your Spanish Property’s Potential: The Perfect Time to Sell is Now!

December 29, 2023
Unleash Your Spanish Property's Potential: The Perfect Time to Sell is Now! - street at night in marbella old town malaga andalucia 3 - Real Estate and Urban Development -

Affinity Spain: A Leading Real Estate Agency in Costa del Sol

Affinity Spain, a multi-award-winning and fully regulated real estate agency, is situated in the heart of the Costa del Sol. The agency’s Managing Director, Mia Pearlman, recently shared some exclusive insights with the Olive Press.

Spain’s Property Market: A Post-COVID Boom

According to Pearlman, the Spanish property market is experiencing a genuine boom for the first time, with prices rising steadily due to inflation rather than over-lending by banks. Despite the price increase across all property types on the coast, Costa del Sol remains more affordable than most other European coastal holiday destinations.

Emerging Trends in Property Sales

Pearlman noted a new league of buyers fuelling the high-end market, particularly the villa market. This trend has led to a property boom, with high-end properties setting new records in terms of sales price and price per square meter.

Plans for Affinity Spain in 2021

Affinity Spain has had its biggest year ever in 2021 and plans to expand even further. The agency has doubled its workforce size, and with COVID-19 no longer a major concern for its clients, the market has rebounded stronger than ever. Pearlman expressed excitement about Marbella and surrounding areas breaking new records.

The Impact of Brexit on Property Sales

Despite Brexit, Affinity Spain has not seen a decline in British buyers. Pearlman believes that Brits’ love for Spain will never change. However, the agency has seen a diversification in its market, with an increase in German, Dutch, and French buyers, making Marbella a truly cosmopolitan destination.

Investment Opportunities in the Property Market

Pearlman advises clients and investors to consider several factors when looking for a property to ensure it remains saleable or rentable, even in a downturn. These factors include sea or mountain views, a decent terrace size, proximity to amenities, and the beach. She also suggests that buying the worst house in the best street is a savvy move, although such properties are becoming increasingly hard to find.

A Vendor’s Market: The Time to Sell is Now

Pearlman emphasized that the current market is a vendor’s market, with vendors in the strongest position they have been in for some time. She strongly advises those looking to sell that the time is now.

For more information, Affinity Spain can be reached at, +34 952 812 897, or

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