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“New Andalusia’s Multipurpose Center Faces a Shocking 42% Cost Overrun! You Won’t Believe Why

March 22, 2024
"New Andalusia's Multipurpose Center Faces a Shocking 42% Cost Overrun! You Won't Believe Why - mini1 1707420964 - Local Events and Festivities -

Construction of New Multi-Purpose Centre in Nueva Andalucía Faces Significant Overrun Costs

The construction of the new Multi-Purpose Centre in Nueva Andalucía, Marbella, which began in August 2022, is facing a significant cost overrun. The Marbella City Council recently approved an additional 42.28% on the initial budget, which equates to nearly 800,000 euros. This increase has delayed the project’s completion.

Marbella’s New Project Nears Legal Limit for Public Works Overruns

This new project in Marbella concludes with a significant cost overrun for the municipal coffers, nearing the legal limit. The Multi-Purpose Centre of Nueva Andalucía’s construction costs have increased, according to documents accessed by Marbella24horas. The contract was awarded to Grulop 21 S.L. in May 2022 for 1,888,901.73 euros. However, by the end of the year, this amount was increased to 2,687,453.03 euros, resulting in an additional cost of 798,551.29 euros, 42.28% more than the initial amount.

New Public Sector Contracts Law Allows for 50% Increase in Public Works

The new Public Sector Contracts Law, approved in 2018 by Rajoy, allows for a 50% increase in public works, up from the previous 10%. This project is very close to that limit. The construction of the Multi-Purpose Centre began in August 2022 and was expected to be completed in 12 months, but it has faced various delays.

Multi-Purpose Centre Initiative Emerged from Neighborhood Associations

The initiative for this project emerged from neighborhood associations during the tripartite stage, with José Bernal as mayor, through participatory budgets. The vote took place in December 2016, and the construction of a Multi-Purpose Centre in La Campana was the third most voted in the Nueva Andalucía district, behind the conditioning of the Turtle Lake and the paving of the Guadaiza river.

Mayor Announces Construction with Treasury Surplus Funds

After the 2017 motion of censure and the return of Ángeles Muñoz, the mayor announced the construction in April 2018 with funds from the 2017 Treasury surplus. The mayor visited the construction site in October and claimed that it was 85% complete, when it should have already been finished.

New Facility to Feature Three Levels

The new facility will be spread over three levels. The basement will be 1,081 square meters and will house 28 parking spaces, a warehouse, a water tank, and facilities. The ground floor will be over 600 square meters and will house a multi-purpose room of over 400 square meters, a gym, changing rooms, and toilets. The upper floor will be nearly 90 square meters and will be used for administration, featuring offices and projection and meeting rooms. The main entrance to the building will be on the west facade, in anticipation of the future construction of a green area on that boundary.

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