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Discover Spain’s Top Five Priciest Rental Spots: Costa del Sol Towns Dominate the List!

December 31, 2023
Discover Spain's Top Five Priciest Rental Spots: Costa del Sol Towns Dominate the List! - benahavis - Real Estate and Urban Development -

Costa del Sol Towns Among Spain’s Most Expensive Rental Markets

Three municipalities in Costa del Sol have been listed among the top five most expensive places to rent a property in Spain. Benahavis, Marbella, and Estepona have been identified as some of the country’s priciest locations for renting a flat or an apartment. This information was revealed in a study conducted by the real estate website, Idealista.

Benahavis: Spain’s Most Expensive Rental Market

Benahavis has been singled out as the most expensive municipality in Spain for renting a house. The average monthly rental cost in this town is a staggering 3,232 €.

Marbella and Estepona: High Rental Costs

Marbella is the third most expensive city in Spain for rentals, with average monthly prices amounting to 3,259 €. Estepona, on the other hand, ranks fourth, with tenants facing average monthly rental costs of 2,710 €.

Estepona: Fourth Most Expensive City for Renting a Flat

Estepona has now become the fourth most expensive city in Spain for renting a flat. Another Andalucian municipality, Sotogrande in Cadiz province, is also among the top five, with average house rentals costing 2,665 € a month.

Other Andalucian Municipalities in the Top 30

In the top 10, the Malaga town of Mijas, also located on the Costa del Sol, ranks tenth with monthly rentals of 1,777 €. Four other Andalucian municipalities are within the top 30. These include Benalmadena ranking 17th (1,381 €), Cadiz’s Puerto de Santa Maria 22nd (1,210 €), Malaga city 26th (1,127 €), and Fuengirola 27th (1,111 €).

Spain’s Rental Costs: A Steep Increase

The average rental cost for properties in Spain has seen a significant increase of 9.3% from April to July this year. This has resulted in the country’s residents facing the highest rental prices ever recorded.

Costa del Sol: Home to Spain’s Most Expensive Streets

Costa del Sol is not only known for its high rental costs but also for being home to the three most expensive streets to buy a house in Spain. The region is climbing the ranks as a luxury destination with hotel rooms available for an eye-watering rent of €3000.

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