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Morilla’s Double Strike (2-0) Puts San Pedro’s Fate in Their Own Hands!

April 29, 2024
Morilla's Double Strike (2-0) Puts San Pedro's Fate in Their Own Hands! - mini1 1714307653 - Sports and Recreation -

Manu Morilla Celebrates Victory with Two Goals Against Cantoria

Manu Morilla celebrated the first of his two goals scored against Cantoria. This double by Morilla allowed UD San Pedro to triumph over Cantoria 2017 earlier today. This victory is crucial for the red and black team as they approach the final match of the season, relying on themselves to secure a direct promotion spot.

UD San Pedro’s Serious Match Against a Determined Rival

San Pedro played a very serious match against a rival who, despite having nothing at stake, did not stop fighting for any ball. UD San Pedro faced a challenging match against CD Cantoria 2017, who arrived at the duel with nothing to lose. Despite this, they spent the night in the city to face the red and black team. This unusual situation in the category suggests that the Almerian team also had a goal to give their all.

San Pedro Unfazed by Initial Push from Rival

San Pedro was not intimidated by the initial push from their rival, who even injured Andrés del Río within the first five minutes with a sprained ankle. However, it was the locals who were more eager for the victory, and this became clearer as the minutes passed. The attacking men of the red and black team dominated the ball and moved the game at their will in search of a scoring opportunity.

San Pedro Maintains Control of the Game

In the second half, Rafael Escóbar’s team managed to maintain control of the game. They played without suffering and sought to score more goals to close the match. The final goal came in the 60th minute, a set-piece action that Morilla again finished to make the definitive 2-0 with which the match would end, a match dominated from start to finish by the locals.

San Pedro Holds Promotion Spot

San Pedro remains in the promotion spot, with a one-point advantage over Martos, who managed to beat Alhaurino. Only the next match on Benagalbón’s field remains. A victory for the red and blacks, or repeating the score that Martos gets against Atlético Porcuna, would certify the promotion of the San Pedro team.

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