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“Uncovered: Shocking Sanitation Lapses in Puerto Banús Revealed by Audit!”

March 22, 2024
"Uncovered: Shocking Sanitation Lapses in Puerto Banús Revealed by Audit!" - mini1 1709833657 - Local Events and Festivities -

Puerto Banús Presents Technical Audit to Andalusian Government

Puerto Banús S.A. has submitted a technical audit to the Andalusian Government, conducted in June 2022, as part of its application to extend its concession to the initially established limit of 99 years. The audit reveals various deficiencies in the facilities, primarily in sanitation.

Comprehensive Study Conducted by Engineering Firm

The extensive study was commissioned by the marina to engineering firm Estudio 7. The documentation provided to the Andalusian Government includes a technical audit completed in June 2022, detailing the state of maintenance of the facilities.

Analysis of Water Supply and Electrical Installation

The study examines aspects such as the potable water supply, which is reported to be in good condition, and the electrical supply installation, which is considerably old. It identifies deficiencies in fire protection, noting that hydrants and irrigation outlets are directly connected to the potable water network, which has a single connection point to the municipal network.

Sanitation of the Port Area Under Scrutiny

The report emphasizes a series of defects when analyzing the sanitation of the port area. It highlights the existence of a “unitary network”, which collects both wastewater and rainwater. It also points out that there is no sanitation for the boats, only for the buildings, which collects “from those located in the concession area as well as those privately owned in the area”.

Issues with Excess Flow and Blockages

These systems “have problems with excess flow that can lead to blockages and flooded manholes, causing wastewater to surface”. The report also details blockages caused by “discharges made by commercial premises both within and outside the port concession”.

Challenges in Maintenance and Unblocking

The location of the manholes, in areas absorbed by shops and restaurants, as well as the lack of foresight in their registration in successive remodeling works, “hinder maintenance and unblocking tasks”. The audit warns that “there are several points within the port where connection to the general sanitation network is not possible”.

Plans for Improvement and Investment

The study explains that a “modification of the central drain is planned to improve the separation of waste and fats before entering the general network”. It concludes that “much of the sanitation network is at the end of its useful life, with many of its elements affected by corrosion”. Puerto Banús has also presented a project to invest nearly 9.5 million euros in improving the port area in three phases.

Concession History and Extension Request

Through an order of September 12, 1967, from the Ministry of Public Works, the administrative concession was granted to the company Puerto José Banús de Andalucía la Nueva S.A. for the construction of a marina. The authorization had a term of 99 years from March 4, 1968. During the democratic stage, different regulations cut the maximum period to 30 years, in the case of the Coast Law of 1988, and later, in 2013, it was raised to 75 years. Finally, the Andalusian Law 2/2020, of November 12, regulated the extension to its initial period of concessions granted before 1992. In accordance with this new regulation, Puerto Banús has requested an extension until March 4, 2067, the period initially envisaged when the concession was granted.

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