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Unthinkable Family Drama Unfolds: Son and Father Convicted in Marbella Love Triangle Murder Mystery

April 25, 2024
Young man and his father found guilty of stabbing mother's boyfriend to death in Marbella

Father and Son Convicted in Marbella Murder Case

A 30-year-old man and his father have been convicted for the fatal stabbing of the man’s mother’s boyfriend in Marbella. The jury reached a unanimous decision on Friday, 19 April, and the court is now set to determine the final sentence.

Evidence of Hostility Uncovered During Trial

The verdict revealed evidence of animosity between the defendants and the victim throughout the trial, which began on Monday, 15 April at the provincial court of Malaga. The jury attributed this hostility to the relationship the deceased man had with the mother of one defendant and the ex-wife of the other.

Forced Relocation Preceded Fatal Incident

The tension between the parties forced the woman and her boyfriend to temporarily relocate to Ojén, having previously lived in the same building as the defendants in the Miraflores neighbourhood in Marbella.

Details of the Planned Attack

The fatal stabbing occurred on 15 June 2022 around 1.40pm. The prosecution, led by Lourdes Álvarez Laube of Triuve Abogados, argued that the attack was premeditated. The victim had returned to his former residence when the defendants, upon spotting him, decided to ambush him near the entrance with the intent to commit the crime.

Victim’s Final Moments

As the victim opened the door, the father pushed him while the son stabbed him. The victim managed to walk approximately 53 metres before collapsing from a stab wound to the heart.

Convictions and Potential Sentences

The son was convicted as the primary perpetrator of the murder, with the father deemed a necessary accomplice. The public prosecution is seeking a 17-year prison sentence for both defendants and compensation for the victim’s children. The private prosecution, however, is pushing for a 25-year sentence and compensation for the victim’s sisters.

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