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“PSOE Urges City Hall to Clean Up the Guadaiza River in San Pedro: A Plea for Environmental Rev

April 16, 2024
"PSOE Urges City Hall to Clean Up the Guadaiza River in San Pedro: A Plea for Environmental Rev - mini1 1712943033 - Local Events and Festivities -

PSOE San Pedro Alcántara Expresses Concern Over Guadaiza River’s Condition

Enrique Ruiz, the General Secretary of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) in San Pedro Alcántara, announced on Friday that he will present a proposal at the upcoming District Board meeting. The proposal will express his concern about the current state of the Guadaiza River following recent rainfall. The party reminds that the maintenance of the river is a municipal responsibility.

Immediate Actions Needed for River Clean-up

The PSOE San Pedro Alcántara believes it is “essential to carry out immediate actions” to ensure the cleanliness and proper maintenance of the river. They argue that these actions are necessary to preserve the natural environment and prevent future material and personal damage in case of another major storm like the recent one.

Accumulation of Solid Waste and Uncontrolled Vegetation

The party denounces the accumulation of solid waste, uncontrolled vegetation, and other elements that obstruct the natural flow of water and endanger the integrity of the river ecosystem. They believe this situation “not only negatively affects the environment, but can also lead to adverse consequences for public health and the well-being of citizens.”

Call for Exhaustive Cleaning of Guadaiza River

In this regard, they request the City Council to take the “necessary measures” to initiate a process of “thorough cleaning” of the Guadaiza River. This includes the removal of waste, pruning of excessive vegetation, and any other action that helps to restore the functionality and healthiness of this important natural resource.

Municipal Responsibility for Waste Collection

The General Secretary of the San Pedro Socialists also reminds that the management of solid waste thrown into public channels in urban sections is a “municipal competence.”

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