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Mabel Domínguez Steps Up, Succeeding Manuel Osorio as OSP President – A Stunning Leadership Shift You Can

May 17, 2024
Mabel Domínguez Steps Up, Succeeding Manuel Osorio as OSP President - A Stunning Leadership Shift You Can - mini1 1715724169 - Local Events and Festivities -

Mabel Domínguez Takes Over as New President of Opción Sampedreña

Mabel Domínguez has been announced as the new president of Opción Sampedreña (OSP), succeeding Manuel Osorio who had assumed the role in 2015, following the departure of Rafael Piña. This change comes with the appointment of a new Executive Committee last Friday, marking a transition with three years left until the municipal elections.

History of Leadership in OSP

OSP was founded in 2006, with Rafael Piña leading the party’s candidacy in the local elections of 2007, 2011, 2015, and 2019. Piña stepped down from the presidency in 2015 and also left the Executive Committee in 2019, planning to retire from active politics in 2023. Manuel Osorio took over the party’s leadership in 2015 and was the lead candidate in the 2023 municipal elections. His retirement from politics at the end of this term seems likely, and a succession plan has already been put in place.

Mabel Domínguez’s Vision for OSP

Mabel Domínguez, the new party president, was ratified by the Consultative Assembly. Although not widely known publicly, she has been part of the Executive Committee for five years. Domínguez emphasized the need to continue the work that has brought OSP to its current position, describing it as a party rooted in their town, committed to the progress of San Pedro and Nueva Andalucía. She stressed that the party’s direction and approach will remain the same, as it has proven to be effective and is what San Pedro and Nueva Andalucía need.

Commitment to OSP’s Core Values and Expansion Plans

Domínguez underscored her commitment to OSP’s fundamental values and her determination to lead the party towards new horizons while preserving its distinctive essence. She also announced plans to increase participation within the party, providing a platform for new voices and perspectives. According to an OSP statement, Domínguez has solid experience in project and human resources management, as well as a background in psychology.

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