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Four Arrested in Marbella Land Sale Scam: Shocking Fraud Exposed!

April 29, 2024
Four Arrested in Marbella Land Sale Scam: Shocking Fraud Exposed! - mini1 1713968762 - Local Events and Festivities -

Four Arrested in Real Estate Scam by Civil Guard

The Civil Guard has arrested four individuals for their alleged involvement in a fraud case. The suspects reportedly sold a plot of land in Marbella to a resident of Albacete without the knowledge of the rightful owners, using their personal information. The complainant claimed to have paid 400,000 euros for the purchase.

Investigation and Arrests by Civil Guard

The arrests were carried out by Civil Guard officers from the Main Post Investigation Area of Los Barrios, part of the Algeciras Command. According to a statement, four people were arrested as alleged perpetrators of fraud after selling a plot of land without the knowledge of its rightful owners and using their personal information.

Details of the Fraud Case

The investigation began following a complaint from a resident of Albacete, who claimed to have paid 400,000 euros for a plot of land in Marbella, which was never transferred to him. The officers identified four individuals involved in the plot sale operation, who were acting in an organized manner. They managed to attract the buyer’s attention by offering the land at a price well below its market value and then, using fake documents, impersonated the owners to sign the sale.

Searches and Seizures

The Civil Guard conducted four house searches in Marbella, Jimena, and Toledo, the residences of the suspects. They found over 130,000 euros in addition to fake documents used to impersonate the rightful owners of the plot.

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