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Restored Paradise Unveiled: Costa’s Fragile Dune Area Now Welcomes Public!

May 31, 2024
Delicate dune area on the Costa reopens to public after restoration work

Real de Zaragoza Sand Dune Area Reopens After Restoration

The Real de Zaragoza sand dune area, located to the east of Marbella, has been reopened to the public. This follows a series of restoration works carried out on the protected site, aimed at preserving its natural beauty and ecological balance.

Restoration Work Targets Invasive Species

The restoration project focused on the removal of invasive and non-native plant species that threatened the natural ecosystem of the dunes. The aim was to restore the area to its original state, ensuring the survival of native plant species and the overall health of the dune ecosystem.

New Recreational Area for Residents and Visitors

In addition to the ecological restoration, the project also aimed to create a recreational area for both residents and visitors. The newly restored dune area now provides a unique and natural setting for outdoor activities, contributing to the local tourism and leisure industry.

Environmentally Sensitive Walkway Built Through Dunes

As part of the restoration project, an environmentally sensitive wooden walkway has been constructed through the dunes. This allows visitors to explore the area without causing damage to the fragile dune ecosystem. The walkway is a testament to the commitment to balance environmental conservation with public access and enjoyment.

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