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“Marbella Crowns the Champions of University Esports and Junior Esports: Find out Who Reigns Supreme!”

April 27, 2024
"Marbella Crowns the Champions of University Esports and Junior Esports: Find out Who Reigns Supreme!" - mini1 1713789646 - Local Events and Festivities -

Madrid Polytechnic University Students Emerge Victorious in Rocket League

The students from the Polytechnic University of Madrid have emerged as winners in the Rocket League. This past weekend, Marbella announced the new champions of the University Esports and Junior Esports video game tournaments, which are aimed at students. The finals were held at the Adolfo Suárez Congress Palace. The event also featured talks and workshops within an industry that generates significant figures in Spain.

Marbella Gaming Days Celebrated with Over 80 Students

The “Marbella Gam1ng Days” took place from April 19 to 21, with more than 80 students competing in the National Grand Final of University Esports and Junior Esports, the main educational and technological projects related to video games. Beyond the competition, the event was the stage for ‘meets & greets’ with influencers such as Carmensandwich, ZoK3R, and Inmagic.

Workshops and Talks by Industry Professionals

There were also talks and workshops given by professionals from Train To Play, a company specializing in creating healthy habits in the gaming environment, digital security experts from the National Police, and content creation taught by Inmagic. In addition, visitors could also have fun and win prizes in the Storm Circuit fanzone, where activities and challenges revolving around the video games League of Legends and Valorant were carried out.

Results of the National University Esports Final

In the national final of University Esports, aimed at university students, champions were proclaimed in the four video games of the competition. UCAM of Murcia won the League of Legends title, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia won in Valorant, player Odesza from the University of Barcelona won in Teamfight Tactics, and the grand final of Rocket League was won by the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Junior Esports Winners Announced

In Junior Esports, educational centers from all over Spain competed to be declared winners of the 2023/24 season in three modes. The winners were IES Felipe de Borbón from Ceutí (Murcia) in League of Legends, Institut Escola Castellterçol from Barcelona in Brawl Stars, and IES María Casares from A Coruña in Rocket League.

Video Games: A Rapidly Growing Entertainment Industry

Video games are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the entertainment industry, with revenues surpassing those of music and cinema. According to the Spanish Video Game Association (AEVI), Spain is one of the most mature markets in Europe in the gaming environment, with the highest number of paying esports consumers on the continent, reaching an audience of 2.9 million enthusiasts in 2022. The gaming industry has also experienced steady job growth, making video games a powerful source of youth employment. In 2022, over 1,500 job offers were created, with 40 percent of employees under 30 years old.

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