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“Marbella’s Stunning Beaches to be Reclaimed for Public Enjoyment as Bars and Businesses Make Way!”

April 24, 2024
Reclaiming Marbella's beaches for the public by relocating bars and reducing areas reserved for other businesses

Marbella’s Beaches: A Plan for Recovery and Enjoyment

Marbella’s beaches, a major attraction and selling point of the city, are set to undergo a transformation. The town hall has initiated several plans aimed at reclaiming more of these natural spaces for the enjoyment of both residents and visitors.

Relocating Beach Bars for More Space

One of the key strategies involves relocating the beach bars in the northern area, thereby freeing up more beach space. A prime example of this initiative is the work done in collaboration with the Coastal Demarcation Bureau in the Hacienda de Las Chapas area, where nearly 2,000 square metres have been recovered.

Demolition and Reclamation

The local area councillor, Diego López, revealed that a beach bar, previously located on the site, has been moved off the beach area. The ongoing demolition work on the retaining walls, breakwater, asphalt and concrete is expected to take a month. This initiative has allowed the town hall to reclaim this space as beach and plans to continue this process along other parts of Marbella’s coastline.

Responding to Local Demands

López stated that these efforts are in response to local residents’ demands for more public access to the coastline. The relocation of beach bars to the north, similar to what has been done on other beaches like Arroyo Paloma, has resulted in the reclamation of 6,000 metres of space for beach-goers.

Improving Quality and Sustainability

The councillor emphasized the aim to enhance quality and sustainability, noting that due to climate change, beach space is being lost. He urged the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Coastal Demarcation to invest in the town, as Marbella contributes almost three million euros to state coffers.

New Local Beach Rules

Another action taken by Marbella town hall this season is to reclaim 11,500 square metres of public beach for residents. This involves reducing the area currently authorized exclusively for sunbeds and other beach activities, thereby preserving the beaches and the overall coastline.

Changes to Seasonal Services

The local council has requested urgent changes to the town’s plans for the seasonal services agreed for this year, in order to reclaim those beach areas for this summer. It is also asking for the temporary licenses given to removable facilities such as kiosks and seasonal bar and restaurant terraces to be extended to 11 months of the year.

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