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Dramatic Takedown: Child Threatened as Ruthless Gang Busted in Marbella Home Invasion!

May 15, 2024
Dramatic Takedown: Child Threatened as Ruthless Gang Busted in Marbella Home Invasion! - mini1 1715604400 - Local Events and Festivities -

Police Dismantle Criminal Network Specialized in Home Burglaries

The National Police have dismantled a criminal network specialized in committing burglaries in inhabited houses. The group is believed to be responsible for 24 criminal offenses in the province of Málaga, specifically solving 21 burglaries in Málaga city, two in Marbella, and one in Rincón de la Victoria, with the latter case involving the collaboration of the Civil Guard. Seven individuals have been arrested in Málaga and Marbella for their alleged involvement in these crimes.

Three Suspects Caught Red-Handed

Three of the arrested individuals were caught red-handed by the Local Police of Málaga following one of the burglaries. To gain access to the houses, the suspects used a technique known as “impressioning,” according to a statement released on Monday. This involves inserting a master key with a thin, deformable aluminum sheet into the lock. The sheet molds to the lock’s internal structure as the intruder makes small movements, creating an on-site copy and allowing them to open the door without leaving a trace.

Highly Specialized Criminal Network

In the dismantled network’s hierarchy, each member had a role, including surveillance, control, vehicle rental, and other tasks aimed at disposing of the stolen goods. Items from various home burglaries have been seized and recognized by the victims and handed over for safekeeping. Efforts are ongoing to determine the origin of the remaining belongings.

Knife Threats in Marbella

The initial investigation began following a burglary committed in Marbella on March 25, using the impressioning technique. During this burglary, one of the home’s underage residents was intercepted by three individuals in the building’s hallway. A fourth individual emerged from inside the house and forced the minor inside under threat while brandishing a knife. One of the group members remained outside while the other three threatened the victim inside the house, intending to obtain the safe’s password. They fled when the surveillance officer raised the alarm.

Operation Gufo and Lágrima

This operation was jointly carried out by agents from Málaga and Marbella, specializing in burglaries, under the name “Operation Gufo-Lágrima.” The Robbery Group of the Provincial Police Judicial Brigade had been investigating the same criminal network since early March. On March 28, during one of the operation’s phases, the Local Police of Málaga arrested three more members in the capital after they committed a burglary. Numerous jewels were seized from these arrested individuals, most of which have been recognized by their rightful owners.

Seven Arrests and Two Searches

As a result of the police operation, this criminal organization dedicated to burglary in inhabited houses was dismantled, and a total of seven people were arrested. The suspects typically entered the houses during the day and did not hesitate to use violence against the residents to achieve their goal. During the investigation, it was discovered that the same suspects committed a burglary in a house in Rincón de la Victoria, with the Civil Guard of Málaga assisting in this investigation. This operation, which is still ongoing, has been carried out in several phases and involved officers from Málaga and Marbella. Two searches were conducted, one in Málaga and another in Alhaurín de la Torre. One of the detainees was brought before the Marbella Instruction Court Three, which ordered his imprisonment. The remaining detainees in Málaga were brought before the Málaga Instruction Court Number 14.

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