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Breaking News: Marbella’s Upscale Neighborhood Rocked by Fresh Shooting, One Injured!

April 8, 2024
Breaking News: Marbella's Upscale Neighborhood Rocked by Fresh Shooting, One Injured! - mini1 1712051788 - Local Events and Festivities -

National Police Investigating New Shooting in Marbella

The National Police are investigating a new shooting incident in Marbella. This is the fourth shooting in the city in the past two months. The latest incident occurred in the early hours of the morning, leaving a young man injured with multiple gunshot wounds. He has been transported to the Costa del Sol Hospital for treatment.

Shots Fired from a Fleeing Vehicle

The shots were reportedly fired from a vehicle that fled the scene shortly after midnight in the Los Naranjos residential area. Around 00:15 hours, several people alerted the Emergency 112 service after hearing gunshots. Upon arrival, the officers found a 21-year-old man injured inside a vehicle.

Victim Sustains Two Gunshot Wounds

According to medical sources, the young man sustained two gunshot wounds, one in the pelvic area and another in the knee, necessitating his transfer to the hospital. Marbella24horas reports that the shots were fired from another vehicle, a grey 4×4, which fled towards Malaga.

Police and Civil Guard Activated to Locate the Fleeing Vehicle

In an attempt to locate the vehicle, a device was activated involving the Local Police and the Civil Guard. Prior to the shooting, there was reportedly a struggle between two individuals trying to snatch a bag from a third person, as seen in a video circulated on social media. Two detonations were heard, and the suspects fled the scene in two vehicles.

Fourth Shooting in Two Months

This is the fourth shooting in Marbella in less than two months, all of them occurring in close proximity to Nueva Andalucía and Puerto Banús. On February 10, a man was injured in a shooting on Yedras Street in Marbella, which has since been resolved by the National Police. On March 11, shots were fired at a restaurant on Juan Belmonte Street, but there were no victims. On March 16, another firearm incident occurred in a restaurant area on José Banús Avenue, resulting in one injury.

Unconfirmed Shooting in Nueva Andalucía

In addition, on February 12, there was a report of a shooting in Nueva Andalucía, but the police found no evidence upon arrival, so it is not confirmed whether the incident actually occurred. The shooting last night involved several drug traffickers in the Los Naranjos residential area in Marbella. One of them ended up injured with two gunshot wounds. They were reportedly fighting over a bag believed to contain drugs or cash.

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