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“UK Health Firm’s Pre-Holiday Layoffs Ignite Legal Firestorm in Sunny Costa Blanca!”

December 31, 2023
"UK Health Firm's Pre-Holiday Layoffs Ignite Legal Firestorm in Sunny Costa Blanca!" - staff working in spain for uk health company plan legal action after pre christmas sackings scaled 1 - Marbella News Crime -

Legal Action Against UK Health Company by Disgruntled Expats in Spain

A group of unhappy expatriates in Spain are taking legal action against their UK health company, Dam Health, which abruptly shut down just before Christmas. The 40 employees who were laid off are taking the company to court, alleging that they were not given proper redundancy pay. The majority of these employees worked at the Orihuela Costa call centre and claim to be out of pocket by thousands of euros.

Unexpected Closure of Call Centre

On December 17, employees heading to work received voice messages informing them of the immediate closure of the centre due to it no longer being viable. In addition to the call centre, Dam Health’s three clinics in Benidorm, Orihuela Costa, and Marbella have reportedly also closed down.

Unanswered Calls and Messages

Attempts to contact the clinics have been met with recorded messages and music, with no indication of the closure and no responses. An ex-employee, speaking anonymously, shared that the company’s Spanish boss informed her that the company had run out of money and could not pay her.

Dam Health’s Services and Operations

Dam Health provided a variety of private health services, including Covid-19 tests, and had even signed a deal to provide PCR tests to La Liga side Espanyol in 2021. The company’s parent division is located in Liverpool, and the Orihuela Costa call centre, which initially employed 65 people, handled most of the UK’s calls. Dam has reportedly now moved to a digital email-based system where clients can submit queries and book appointments via its website.

Former Employees Share Their Experiences

Another former employee who worked for Dam Health in Spain shared that she left the company voluntarily last year as she could see the company was in trouble. She noted that wages were reduced and hours increased, leading most people to believe that the company was facing issues.

Attempts to Contact Company Unsuccessful

Attempts by the Olive Press to contact the listed Spanish boss of the company, who resides in the Marbella area, have been unsuccessful. No contact number is listed for the Liverpool office and emails have gone unanswered.

Employees Claim Unpaid Wages and Redundancy Pay

As for the Orihuela Costa call centre staff, they claim to have only received 10 days of wages for the 17 days they worked, and just two weeks of redundancy pay. One anonymous employee estimated that she is owed over €4,000 for her time at the company.

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