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Viral Sensation Dani Lorenzo’s Key Assistance: Sells His Own Shirt!

April 19, 2024
Viral Sensation Dani Lorenzo's Key Assistance: Sells His Own Shirt! - mini1 1713177848 - Local Events and Festivities -

Dani Lorenzo Takes a Selfie with Málaga Fans and Plays a Key Role in Team’s Victory

Málaga player, Dani Lorenzo, has been instrumental in his team’s victory over Atlético de Madrid. The Marbella-born midfielder provided the assist for the winning goal, helping his team secure a spot in the playoff positions for promotion. Lorenzo also unintentionally became a talking point after a video of him selling his jersey to a fan went viral. Dani Lorenzo is having a great season with Málaga CF, proving to be a crucial part of Sergio Pellicer’s strategy.

Málaga CF’s Visit to Atlético de Madrid B

On Sunday, Málaga CF visited Atlético de Madrid B in a demanding match that was decided by a goal scored by Roberto in the middle of the first half. The assist for the winning goal was provided by Dani Lorenzo. The midfielder received the ball on the edge of the box and delivered a precise pass to Roberto, leaving him one-on-one with the opposing goalkeeper. This goal, worth three points, solidifies Málaga’s position in the playoff spots for promotion. The team is currently fourth with 61 points, nine points ahead of the sixth-placed team with only 18 points left to play for.

Dani Lorenzo Goes Viral for Selling a Málaga Jersey

However, Dani Lorenzo went viral this weekend for a completely different reason. A video on social media has put the Marbella-born player in the spotlight. The reason? Selling his jersey to a fan for 50 euros. In the video, Lorenzo can be heard saying that the club charges them 50 euros for a limited number of jerseys they can give away each season. In an interview with El Chiringuito, Lorenzo admitted, “It all happened very quickly. To make people understand, we are in the First RFEF. We have a contract that, although people may think, I am not a millionaire, I wish I was. We are given a number of jerseys to distribute, which I have already exceeded and from there the club charges us.”

Lorenzo’s Unexpected Viral Moment

Of course, the footballer could not have imagined how quickly the video would go viral. “I mentioned this situation to the man in the stands and he took out 50 euros. I was so surprised that he offered it to me that I reacted in the most natural way: to take it. Thinking about it a bit more now, I think I shouldn’t have taken it. I did it with all the good faith in the world. The man offered it to me and I naturally did it. I hope people understand.” Despite some criticism of the “sale”, many others have supported Dani Lorenzo, understanding that he is a humble footballer, far from the mega stars of the football scene, and cannot afford to give away, and pay out of his own pocket, jerseys to all the fans who ask for them.

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