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Irish Vacationers Detained in Marbella: A Stunning Twist in a Clash with Police over Music Volume!

May 6, 2024
Irish Vacationers Detained in Marbella: A Stunning Twist in a Clash with Police over Music Volume! - PLMARBELL U52735011537gxZ - 112 incident -

Irish Tourists Arrested in Marbella for Assaulting Police Officers

Two Irish tourists, aged 29, were taken into custody in Marbella after allegedly attacking two local police officers. The officers had approached their residence in the early morning hours to request a reduction in the volume of their music. Both officers sustained shoulder injuries during the incident, according to SUR.

Incident Occurred in a Holiday Flat on Avenida de Las Mimosas

The event took place on the night of April 26th in a vacation apartment located on Avenida de Las Mimosas in Marbella. At approximately 4:50 am, the local police hotline received a complaint about loud noise emanating from the property, where a party was reportedly in progress. The complainant stated that they had repeatedly asked the tourists to lower the noise, but their requests were ignored.

Police Officers Met with Resistance

Two local police officers were dispatched to the property and confirmed that the noise was indeed causing a disturbance to the neighbours. Upon ringing the doorbell, they were confronted by one of the men who was later arrested. The officers requested to see the tourist’s identification, but he not only refused but also stated that they were partying and had no intention of lowering the music volume.

Altercation Leads to Assault on Officers

Shortly after, the second tourist, who was later arrested, emerged and reiterated their intent to continue partying. He then attempted to shut the door on the officers, who prevented him from doing so. The first man eventually agreed to show his passport, but maintained that they would not lower the music. Suddenly, the second tourist allegedly attacked the officers and punched one of them before shutting the door.

Backup Officers Assaulted, Tourists Arrested

In response to the escalating situation, the officers called for backup. Three additional officers arrived at the scene and again asked the suspects to open the door. The tourist who had allegedly assaulted an officer earlier, violently opened the door and attacked one of the officers again. The officers managed to restrain the man, who continued to resist arrest. The other tourist also allegedly attacked the backup officers, leading to his arrest as well.

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