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Unveiling New Marbella Tourism Video Before Madrid’s Prestigious Fitur International Travel Fair!

According to the mayor, the campaign's objective is to improve the reputation of the town located in Costa del Sol, portraying it as a high-quality destination that epitomizes excellence.
January 22, 2024
New Marbella Tourism Video 2024
New Marbella Tourism Video 2024

Marbella Tourism Video Unveiled New Marketing Campaign Ahead on Madrid International Tourism Fair

New Marbella Tourism Video 2024 on the Madrid International Tourism Fair (Fitur) is fast approaching and Marbella is ready to present itself to the world with a fresh marketing campaign. The Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has announced that the new brand image will emphasize Marbella’s status as a ‘premium’ destination, promoting excellence at all levels with a New Marbella Tourism Video 2024.

New Logo and Brand Image for Marbella

Marbella New Logo
Marbella New Logo

The campaign’s new logo features a unique ‘M’, which according to Mayor Muñoz, symbolizes the journey from the mountainous peaks of Sierra Blanca to the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. The logo also incorporates a variety of colors to represent different aspects of Marbella, such as green for nature, light blue for well-being, ocher for culture, and orange for gastronomy.

Marbella’s Objectives at the Tourism Fair

The town hall’s goal for the tourism fair, which will take place in Madrid from 24-28 January, is to increase visitor numbers and break down seasonality. The campaign will include a new Marbella Tourism Video, a specific promotional video of San Pedro Alcántara, and a dozen thematic ‘shorts’. The video will be set to the song Así es Marbella, composed by local musician Juan de Lola and performed by Celia Flores.

Marbella Welcome Bridge Brand
Marbella Welcome Bridge

Marbella’s Stand at Fitur and Kick-off Event

For the first time, Marbella will have its own stand at Fitur, located in the Andalusian pavilion. The campaign will officially begin on 23 January with a cocktail party at the Trocadero Commodore. Mayor Muñoz stated that the goal is to maintain Marbella’s leading position, as evidenced by the historical data of 2023.

New Marbella Tourism Video 2024
New Marbella Tourism Video 2024

Marbella’s Successful Year in Tourism

In 2023, Marbella hosted several major international events, including the Solheim Cup, the Convention of the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO), the ‘Invoyages’ event, and the annual Traveller Made congress. Mayor Muñoz highlighted the area’s impressive tourist data, with hotel income from January to November 2023 expected to reach around 550 million euros, a 42.5 per cent increase from 386 million euros in 2019. 

Stable and Increasing Tourist Figures

Mayor Muñoz also noted the stable numbers of British tourists and the continued increase in visitors from France, the Netherlands, the United States, and Canada. This data further emphasizes Marbella’s appeal as a premium destination for international tourists. 

New Marbella Tourism Video 2024

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