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Marbella’s Anticipated Electric Scooter Bylaw Yet to Take Effect: Find Out Why!

February 2, 2024
Marbella electric scooter bylaw still not in force

Electric Scooters: A Love-Hate Relationship

Electric scooters have become a familiar sight in many urban areas in recent years. Despite their growing popularity, the public’s relationship with these two-wheeled vehicles is a mix of affection and annoyance. Municipalities are now updating their bylaws to accommodate them. Marbella, for instance, passed its own regulations in September 2023. However, these have not yet been implemented as the document has not been published in the Official Bulletin of the Province of Malaga (Bopma).

Marbella’s New Regulations for Scooters

The new bylaw stipulates that electric scooters will primarily use bike lanes, cycle lanes, and cycle paths. Félix Romero, the town hall spokesperson, noted when the bylaw was passed that it provides specific rules for each of these routes. The regulation also sets the maximum speed for scooters at 20 kilometres per hour. However, in 90% of the designated scooter areas, the speed limit will be 10 kilometres per hour, and in certain areas, it will be reduced to five kilometres per hour.

Restrictions and Requirements for Scooter Users

Scooter users will be required to manually push their scooters in some areas, including the promenade. There may also be restrictions on scooter use at certain times in the coastal area. The regulation sets a minimum age of 14 years for scooter users and mandates the use of helmets, lights, reflective items, and compulsory insurance.

Parking and Rental Regulations

Romero also mentioned that there will be 28 designated parking locations throughout the municipality. The bylaw also establishes authorised routes for tourist activities. Furthermore, the bylaw regulates the operations of companies that rent electric scooters. These companies are required to obtain annual authorisation, secure the appropriate insurance, and register with the town hall.

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