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Marbella FC Secures Promotion Stage with a Stunning 6-2 Victory in Vélez!

April 29, 2024
Marbella FC Secures Promotion Stage with a Stunning 6-2 Victory in Vélez! - mini1 1714306461 - Sports and Recreation -

Marbella FC Secures Spot in Promotion Phase to 1st RFEF

Hugo Rodríguez led the way to victory on the field of Vélez. (Photo: Marbella FC) Marbella FC has already secured its place in the promotion phase to 1st RFEF after a resounding victory this Sunday on the field of a Vélez team on the brink of extinction, which could not put up any resistance. With one more point, which can be earned in the last match at home against Águilas, who will be vying for a spot in the Copa del Rey, Marbella FC can secure third place.

Penultimate League Matchday Resolves Most Uncertainties

The penultimate matchday of the league, with all matches this Sunday at 12:00 hours, has already resolved most of the uncertainties at the top of the table. Sevilla Atlético has achieved direct promotion, while the four teams that will play in the ‘play-off’: Yeclano, Marbella, Betis Deportivo and Orihuela, are also known. Estepona, which fell at home against La Unión, closes a season in which the team did not meet expectations.

Final Championship Date Yet to Determine Positions

For the last date of the championship, at the top, the final position of the other three teams, with Yeclano already second, remains to be determined. Marbella, with one more point, secures the third position. Two spots (Yeclano, Marbella and Orihuela already have theirs) for the next edition of the Copa del Rey are also up for grabs, one of which Águilas, the next opponent of the whites in the Dama de Noche, is vying for.

Marbella FC’s Comfortable Victory Against Vélez

The match against Vélez, a team already relegated and with many financial problems, was not much of a story, especially after Hugo Rodríguez opened the scoring 9 minutes in. Until that moment, the Vélez team had pressed hard and held on a little longer, but soon the match turned into a succession of arrivals and opportunities for the whites. However, the team coached by Catanha always competed, even in the second half, in which they managed to score two goals.

Marbella FC’s Dominance in the Match

By halftime, the match was already closed with a 0-4 for Marbella FC after goals from Hugo, Dago, Gato and Soto. In the second half, Tomás managed to narrow the gap after heading a corner kick alone in the 53rd minute. Vélez never gave up despite only having the seven necessary first team chips and a large number of players from their subsidiaries. In the final stretch of the match, Harper scored two goals, one of them heavily protested for offside, and Vélez, already in the 88th minute, scored the second.

Marbella FC’s Journey to 1st RFEF

The comfortable victory confirms that Marbella, which has been in the ‘play-off’ position all league rounds, will play to move up to 1st RFEF, the third national category. There is one last league match against Águilas, in which one more point guarantees third place for the team coached by Fran Beltrán.

Match Details

Related news: Vélez CF: Agustin, Dani Oliva, Jankulovski, Andrés Ortega, Ale Briggs, Gassama, Sunday, Adri Delgado, Tomás (Rubén Ruiz, min. 71), Fran García (Abde, min. 46) and Cosano (Christian, min. 73). Marbella FC: Lejárraga, Jorge Álvarez, Aitor Puñal, Carrasco (Fran Moreno, min. 46), Olguín (Ale Hernández, min. 64), Marco Tulio (Julio Delgado, min. 77), Soto, Ohemeng, Hugo Rodríguez (Juanma Acevedo, min. 64), Gato and Dago (Harper, min. 64). Referee: Hernández Maestre. He cautioned the locals Dani Oliva and Andrés Ortega, and the visitors Hugo Rodríguez and Aitor Puñal. Goals: 0-1, min. 9: Hugo Rodríguez. 0-2, min. 30: Dago. 0-3, min. 37: Gato. 0-4, min. 45: Soto. 1-4, min. 53: Tomás. 1-5, min. 77: Harper. 1-6, min. 87: Harper. 2-6, min. 88: Sunday. Field: Vivar Téllez de Vélez- Málaga, with the presence of Marbella FC supporters.

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