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Shocking Revelation: Cuban Squatter in Spain Allegedly Steals €80,000 Worth of Bridal Gifts, Linked to

December 31, 2023
Shocking Revelation: Cuban Squatter in Spain Allegedly Steals €80,000 Worth of Bridal Gifts, Linked to - 300958768 1412283012590600 4837592468209449717 n censored 1 - Marbella News Crime -

Cuban Criminal Suspected in Spanish Airbnb Burglary

A notorious Cuban criminal, known as Alex H, is suspected to be the mastermind behind a burglary at a Spanish Airbnb. The incident left a British bride and her 12 hens 80,000 euros poorer. The suspect allegedly broke into the rented villa in Mijas while the group was out. He is accused of stealing rings, two Rolex watches, and various designer items.

Tracking the Suspect

The suspect was traced to his squatted home in Calahonda, Mijas, thanks to a set of Airpods. One of the hens managed to track a signal for her earphones to the Urbanisation Señorio de Calahonda in Los Jarales. Upon their arrival, they claimed to have seen one of the cleaners of their holiday villa exiting the block of flats.

Police Arrests and Past Crimes

The police were called and subsequently arrested both the woman and the man, who has allegedly been on the police radar for local crimes. Another woman was also arrested. Alex was previously arrested in Florida in 2017 for his involvement in a burglary ring that targeted multi-million dollar homes. His move to Spain is unclear, but he has been squatting in the area for a few years with his girlfriend, Susan, also from the Caribbean.

Squatting in Luxury Villas

Alberto Cuesta, the boss of a squatter eviction firm, Servi-Okupa, revealed that Alex has been squatting in luxury villas in the Mijas area for at least a year. He has been evicted from at least five houses in Mijas, including a €4 million villa in the exclusive Padierna area. The Cuban is living illegally in Spain and his social media profiles depict a man living a life of luxury.

Neighbours Live in Fear

One British neighbour described Alex as a ‘very dangerous man’. The neighbours are reportedly scared of him and are unsure of how to handle the situation. When Alex first arrived, he claimed to have a contract with the owner, a Russian lady who has been missing for over a year. The neighbours have been assisting the hens in retrieving their stolen property, but to no avail.

Threats and Intimidation

After being released without charges, the group allegedly began threatening the neighbours and English holidaymakers with a baseball bat. Videos of these threats have been posted on a regional Instagram account, Marbella se Queja. The National Police confirmed they were investigating Alex, but would not provide further details. He is currently not facing any charges.

Eviction Agreement

Servi-Okupa revealed that they had an agreement in place with Alex and that he would be leaving soon. However, they did not confirm claims that they were making a payment to the squatters to bribe them to leave.

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