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Unveiling a Six-Week Miracle Plan: Marbella’s Seven Major Roads to Undergo a Dramatic Asphalt Transformation

February 29, 2024
Unveiling a Six-Week Miracle Plan: Marbella's Seven Major Roads to Undergo a Dramatic Asphalt Transformation - Asfalto kbJI U86747535451mAl - Transportation and Travel - Marbella's Seven Major Roads

Marbella Town Hall Unveils New Asphalt Plan

Marbella Town Hall has initiated a fresh ‘asphalt plan’ aimed at enhancing over 26,000 square metres of road surface. The plan targets seven major roads in Marbella, Nueva Andalucía, and Las Chapas on the Costa del Sol.

Work Commences on Calle Fragua

Diego López, the councillor for works, highlighted that the work has already started on Calle Fragua, located in La Ermita industrial estate. The project is expected to span approximately six weeks. López further clarified that the roadworks are part of the annual budget, ensuring the roads remain in prime condition.

Addressing Traffic and Weather-Related Wear and Tear

López emphasized that the areas selected for the project are those that have been significantly affected by heavy traffic, including large lorries, and harsh weather conditions. These factors have led to issues such as cracks, potholes, and worn-out tarmac.

Additional Roads to be Improved

López, who inspected the works alongside Enrique Rodríguez, the councillor for the eastern part of Marbella, stated that the project will extend beyond Calle Fragua. Other areas set to benefit include Jardines Colgantes, Malaquita, Gabriel García Márquez, Avenida de España, the road adjacent to the Arco de Marbella, and the vicinity of El Trapiche skatepark. He also noted that San Pedro Alcántara has its own asphalt renewal programme.

Public Demand and Complementary Actions

Rodríguez noted that the work on Calle Fragua was a response to public demand. He added that it supplements other initiatives on the industrial estate, such as the repainting of signs and the video-surveillance project.

Previous Successful Initiatives

López also mentioned that last year, the town hall executed an ambitious plan to update 102,000 square metres of paving across 42 streets.

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