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PSOE Demands Tribute for Marbella’s First Two Female Councillors: A Historic Moment Not to be Missed

PSOE honors Marbella's pioneering female councillors, marking a historic step towards gender equality. Join us.
March 6, 2024
Marbella Female Councillors
Marbella Female Councillors

Isabel Pérez, Socialist Spokesperson in Marbella, Urges Tribute to First Marbella Female Councillors

Isabel Pérez, the spokesperson for the Socialist Municipal Group in Marbella, has urged the governing team of the People’s Party (PP) to carry out a tribute to Marina Torres and Pepi Romero. These two women were the first female councilors in the Marbella City Council, elected over 40 years ago in 1983.

Unanimous Approval for Tribute to Pioneering Women in Politics

Pérez recalled that exactly a year ago, coinciding with International Women’s Day on March 8, it was unanimously approved in the municipal plenary that a city space should bear the names of the two councilors. This was intended as an act of remembrance and tribute to two pioneers in the field of politics in Marbella. The proposal was endorsed by associations such as Marbella Feminista, as well as various groups and individuals who remember the work carried out by both councilors in their public roles. Marbella Female Councillors

Call for Recognition of Brave and Pioneering Women

Pérez emphasized that these two brave and pioneering women deserve this recognition more than anyone else, especially considering the scarcity of women’s names in the street names of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara. “With this act, we want the entire city to remember the work of Marina Torres and Pepi Romero, two women who entered the public sphere at a time when it was not easy to do so,” Pérez stated. Marbella Female Councillors

Delay in Recognition Criticized

This recognition was approved on the occasion of March 8 and the 40th anniversary since women first had institutional representation in a democracy, Pérez pointed out. She concluded by expressing her incomprehension at the delay in carrying out a recognition that has already been approved by the Plenary. She urged the PP government team to urgently comply with it.

Historical Context of Women’s Representation in Politics

In April 1979, the first local elections were held in Spain, following the majority endorsement of the 1978 Constitution by the citizens. Four years later, in 1983, the rights enshrined in the Constitution, especially those towards women, began to be consolidated. The Administration promoted participation in social and political life by law, establishing a 25 percent quota for female representation in electoral lists. In Marbella, Marina Torres Cañavate and Josefa Romero Sánchez were elected, who later became part of the government team of Mayor José Luis Rodríguez.

Marbella Female Councillors
Marbella Female Councillors

The PSOE requests a public space for the first two female councilors of Marbella.

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