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Unmissable Video: Epic Celebration Erupts as Spain Triumphs Over England 1-0, Amidst a Sea

December 31, 2023
Unmissable Video: Epic Celebration Erupts as Spain Triumphs Over England 1-0, Amidst a Sea - collage maker 20 aug 2023 03 24 pm 1509 - Sports and Recreation -

Spanish Fans Celebrate Women’s Football World Cup Victory

In a thrilling turn of events, Spanish fans were seen celebrating their 1-0 victory in the women’s football World Cup final on Sunday. The English team, known as the Lionesses, were unable to secure a win against the resilient Spanish team, La Roja, who scored a goal in the first half of the match.

British Bars and Pubs Open Early for the Clash

In anticipation of the match, British bars and pubs across the Costa del Sol opened their doors early. The terraces were filled with eager fans from as early as 10am, all ready to witness the clash between the two teams.

Seville Resident Celebrates Victory in Expat Haven

Teresa Laborde, a 55-year-old resident of Seville, was captured on video celebrating the Spanish victory at the Kinsale bar in La Puerta de la Duquesa, a popular expat haven located a few miles west of Marbella. Laborde expressed her joy and relief at the win, admitting that she was extremely nervous towards the end of the match.

England’s Performance Praised Despite Loss

Despite their loss, the English team’s performance was praised. A video clip from inside the bar shows a solitary table of fans cheering and applauding the team’s efforts, while a Spanish spectator waves a T-shirt in the air in celebration.

Spanish Accordion Player Serenades Dejected English Fans

In a lighter moment, a Spanish accordion player was seen serenading dejected English fans. The video, obtained by the Olive Press, shows the musician playing ‘Viva España’ outside Ryder’s bar in Puerta de la Duquesa on the Costa del Sol. The musician can be heard apologizing to the English fans as he played his tune.

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