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Costa del Sol Saved from Thirst: Extended Marbella Desalination Plant Ensures Water Supply Until September!

March 15, 2024
Costa del Sol Saved from Thirst: Extended Marbella Desalination Plant Ensures Water Supply Until September! - megadroughtt - Town planning -

Costa del Sol Secures Water Supply Until September

Regional authorities have assured that the Costa del Sol will have a sufficient water supply to last until September, even if there is no rainfall this spring. This optimistic announcement follows the expansion of Marbella’s desalination plant, a response to Andalucia experiencing its most severe drought in over half a century.

Emergency Drought Committee Announces Increased Water Supply

The Costa del Sol’s emergency drought committee has stated that the expansion works have added 12 cubic hectometres of water to the overall supply. To put this into perspective, one cubic hectometre is equivalent to one trillion litres. This increase will extend the water supply’s guarantee until the beginning of September, a significant improvement from the initial projection of July.

Marbella’s Desalination Plant to Provide More Treated Water

The Junta also forecasts that Marbella’s desalination plant could contribute up to 20 cubic hectometres of treated water by the end of this year. Desalination plants function by removing salt and other minerals from seawater, making it suitable for human use, including consumption, irrigation, and other activities.

New Desalination Plants to be Constructed

In addition to the existing facilities, new desalination plants are set to be built in the towns of Fuengirola and Estepona. This development comes on the heels of last week’s much-needed rainfall, which significantly boosted the region’s reservoir levels.

Water Reserves Increase, Restrictions Loosen

Malaga’s water reserves saw an increase of 1.46 percentage points, bringing it to 17.37% of capacity. Water levels also rose in Granada, Cadiz, Cordoba, Jaen, Sevilla, and Huelva. This increase in water levels has prompted the Costa del Sol’s drought committee to ease some restrictions, such as the refilling of public swimming pools.

Water Levels Remain Low Despite Rainfall

Despite these positive developments, water levels remain critically low, especially in Almeria, which has the lowest reservoir levels in Spain. The region’s water reserves are operating at a mere 8% of normal capacity, with the recent rainfall failing to significantly replenish the rapidly depleting supplies.

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