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Unveiling Soon: Exciting New Measures to Combat Spain’s Drought in Marbella and the Andalucia!

Coming soon: Innovative solutions to tackle Spain's drought problem in Marbella and the Axarquia region. Stay tuned for groundbreaking measures that aim to conserve water and promote sustainable living.
December 27, 2023
Drought in Marbella

Andalucia to Install Mobile Desalination Plants Amid Drought

The Andalucian government has announced plans to install mobile desalination plants in various parts of the region. This move is aimed at alleviating water supply issues that have been exacerbated by the ongoing drought. The president of Andalucia, Juanma Moreno, made this announcement during a parliamentary session in Sevilla. The proposed locations for these plants are Marbella and the Axarquia region.

Solar-Powered Desalination Plants: A Sustainable Solution

The desalination plants will be self-sufficient, powered by solar and photovoltaic panels. This idea was initially proposed by the mayor of Estepona, Jose Maria Garcia Urbano. This initiative forms part of a broader package that will constitute Andalucia’s fourth drought decree, expected to be implemented at the beginning of 2024. Moreno expressed his concern about the drought and related health issues, stating that they are causing him sleepless nights.

Additional Measures to Tackle Water Supply Issues

The plan also includes other measures to address the water supply issues. Regional ports will be connected to water treatment plants via pipelines. This will allow ships carrying up to 100,000 cubic metres of water to pump directly into the system. Disused wells and boreholes will be reactivated, and the use of recycled water will be increased. Additionally, a floating water intake will be installed in La Viñuela to enhance water extraction.

Long-Term Solutions and Funding

In a bid to find long-term solutions to the problems caused by the drought, grants totalling €8 million will be awarded to universities and companies. These funds will be used to develop projects aimed at mitigating the effects of the drought. Moreno described the situation as an emergency that necessitates extraordinary measures. He expressed optimism that funding from the European Union could be utilised to improve water supplies in the region.

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