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Marbella WTCF Congress hosting in 2025

April 26, 2024
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Marbella to Host the Prestigious 25th WTCF Congress in 2025

Marbella, a city known for its tourism excellence, has been officially chosen as the host for the 25th World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) Congress, scheduled for May 2025. This significant event marks a major milestone in Marbella’s tourism industry, showcasing its growing prominence on the global stage. Hosting the WTCF Congress not only fortifies Marbella’s international connections but also highlights its attractiveness as a top-tier tourist and investment destination.

The Impact of WTCF on Marbella’s Global Tourism

The WTCF, established in Beijing, is a respected international organization with 245 members spanning 86 countries, including 164 cities and 81 institutional and corporate members. Marbella’s membership in this federation since 2021 signifies its strategic efforts to enhance its visibility and appeal, especially in the Asian market, with a particular emphasis on China, a major player in global tourism.

Marbella’s Strategic Engagements in China

During a recent visit to China, Marbella’s Mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, held crucial discussions with key figures such as Yan Han, the Deputy Secretary-General of the WTCF. These meetings, conducted in Guangzhou—a city with a population exceeding 120 million—were aimed at strengthening partnerships and promoting Marbella as the preferred European destination for the Chinese market.

Collaborations and Initiatives to Boost Marbella’s Tourism

Mayor Muñoz’s schedule included strategic interactions with influential individuals like Jaime Lorenzo, Chief Advisor to the Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce, and Eduardo Alonso Luengo, the Consul General of Spain in Guangzhou. These discussions were vital for building relationships and enhancing Marbella’s tourism offerings. Moreover, engagements with Ana La Fuente, Turespaña’s Tourism Counsellor in Guangzhou, underscored Marbella’s commitment to excellence and its ideal positioning as a premium European destination.

Marbella’s Efforts to Expand Tourist Reach

In her quest to expand Marbella’s tourist reach, Mayor Muñoz also met with high-profile travel agencies and media representatives at an event organized by CTRIP, China’s largest tour operator. This collaboration is part of Marbella’s initiative to develop targeted marketing campaigns aimed at the Chinese demographic, showcasing the city’s unique attractions and luxury experiences.

Marbella’s Award-Winning Appeal

Marbella’s recent accolade of being named the Best European Destination to Visit in 2024 by European Best Destination is a testament to Marbella’s allure. This honour is not merely an award but a recognition from travellers, tourism professionals, and media outlets across Europe. It reflects Marbella’s commitment to providing a unique experience that resonates with a vast majority of international visitors.

Marbella’s Strategy for Quality and Excellence

Marbella’s strategy to enhance its tourism industry involves a deep collaboration between the city’s government and the private sector. This partnership focuses on staying ahead of market trends, meeting visitor expectations, and ensuring that guests not only enjoy their stay but are also eager to return.

Why Marbella Stands Out

Marbella offers a seamless blend of luxury and cultural richness, making it a unique destination in Europe. From its pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife to its historic old town and exclusive resorts, Marbella caters to all tastes and preferences. Its continuous efforts to enhance its offerings and maintain its status as a top destination augmented Marbella’s ability to attract high-end tourists.

Marbella’s Future in Global Tourism

With the upcoming WTCF Congress, Marbella is set to further cement its reputation as a global tourism leader. The city is ready to demonstrate its strengths and possibilities to a global audience, securing its position as a leading destination in the world’s elite tourism landscape.


As Marbella prepares to host the 25th WTCF Congress, it stands on the cusp of a new era in global tourism. The city’s strategic initiatives and collaborations, highlighted by its recognition as the best destination in Europe, position it uniquely to leverage these growth opportunities. Marbella is not just a city to visit but a destination to experience—a beacon of luxury, culture, and hospitality that continues to draw visitors from across the globe. At, we consistently advocate for Marbella as one of the top global destinations, and we are fully supportive of these initiatives and news.

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