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Breaking News: Enigmatic Cuban Individual Apprehended in Connection with Gruesome Marbella Mystery of Beheaded Woman Found

December 31, 2023
Breaking News: Enigmatic Cuban Individual Apprehended in Connection with Gruesome Marbella Mystery of Beheaded Woman Found - natalia 1 - Marbella News Crime -

Arrest of a Mystery Cuban and a Murderer in Marbella

A man known only as Michael, of Cuban descent, has been apprehended in connection with the brutal murder of a Colombian expatriate in Marbella. He was arrested alongside Leonel Herrera, 45, who confessed to the gruesome killing and dismemberment of his former girlfriend, Natalia Mosquera, 46.

Background of the Accused

The Olive Press has uncovered that Michael and Herrera were colleagues, working together in the hotel construction and maintenance sector in Marbella. They were employed by an apartment group in Cabopino and also took on assignments at Costa Marbella Star Light.

Victim’s Identity and Murder Details

Natalia Mosquera was brutally murdered on January 8. A hotel worker revealed that Michael had ceased working there since the beginning of the year. An employee at Marbella Casco Antiguo Princesa hostel confirmed his previous employment in Cabopino.

Arrest and Investigation

A source familiar with the duo disclosed that Michael was under arrest and in police custody. It was alleged that he had driven Herrera to collect Natalia and transported them to the beach where she was subsequently murdered. However, there is no evidence to suggest his involvement in the crime.

Efforts to Conceal the Crime

The source, who requested anonymity, informed the Olive Press that Natalia’s stomach was possibly sliced open to erase a tattoo, in an attempt to hinder identification. Herrera, a father of two, allegedly overlooked the fact that Natalia’s sister resided nearby and had already reported her missing.

Discovery of the Body

Natalia’s body was discovered near the Restaurante Club 200 at Marbesa beach. Her sister was able to identify her from a WhatsApp video. The Policia Nacional confirmed that Michael was arrested after admitting to picking up Natalia in a van.

Search for Missing Body Parts

Natalia’s severed hands were discovered on the beach near Cabopino last Tuesday, but her head remains missing. The Civil Guard’s Grupo Especial de Actividades Subacuáticas (GEAS) has been combing several miles of the Marbella coastline for the past few days in search of the missing head.

Challenges in the Search Operation

The search operation has been hindered by stormy weather conditions. Submariners are concentrating their efforts closer to the shoreline, but have yet to find the missing head.

Funeral Arrangements and Ongoing Investigation

The Marbella City Council will cover the cost of Natalia’s funeral. Her family wishes for her to be buried in Marbella, the city where she lived. The investigation is being spearheaded by a judge specializing in Violence Against Women in Marbella.

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