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Marbella Makes a Subtle Entrance at Fitur with a Pre-Event at a Restaurant: A Must-See

January 30, 2024
Marbella Makes a Subtle Entrance at Fitur with a Pre-Event at a Restaurant: A Must-See - mini1 1706056908 - Tourism - Marbella Makes a Subtle Entrance at Fitur

Marbella’s Modest Presence at Madrid’s International Tourism Fair

Marbella made a quiet appearance at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) in Madrid on Tuesday night, a far cry from the grandeur of previous years. The municipality is attending without its own exhibitor and will be integrated into the Andalusian pavilion for the first time. The new advertising campaign and various events will be presented.

Marbella’s Low-Key Start at Fitur

Marbella’s presence at Fitur started off on a low note, with a small event featuring the city’s mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, and little else, at a restaurant owned by a Marbella business group in Spain’s capital. This is a stark contrast to the spectacular pre-events that took place at venues such as the Royal Theatre, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, or the Santa Coloma Palace.

Reduced Budget for Spain’s Most Important Tourism Event

The feeling is that a small budget has been allocated for this event, which is the most important in Spain for the tourism sector. This is also evidenced by the elimination of the municipality’s own exhibitor, as was done in 2020. That year, a counter was used in the Costa del Sol Tourism area. Now, in 2024, Marbella will have a space in the Andalusian pavilion, a first-time occurrence, as requested by the Regional Government to the City Council, according to Muñoz.

Busy Days Ahead for Marbella at Fitur

The coming days will be hectic with event announcements, as is usually the case, with more than 25 presentations scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. The municipality is attending with the new promotional campaign “This is Marbella”, featuring a main video with a soundtrack created by local guitarist Juan Delola and performed by singer Celia Flores, the daughter of Marisol.

New Logo for Marbella

A new logo is also being launched, featuring a distinctive “M” that starts from the mountain peaks of Sierra Blanca and ends in the waves of the Mediterranean.

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