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Marbella FC Seizes Opportunities, Leaves Rivals in the Dust!

April 9, 2024
Marbella FC Seizes Opportunities, Leaves Rivals in the Dust! - mini1 1711971673 - Local Events and Festivities -

Dago and Ohemeng Celebrate Second Goal Against San Roque

Dago and Ohemeng celebrated their second goal against San Roque. Marbella FC capitalized on their victory over San Roque de Lepe this matchday. The white team triumphed on Saturday with a 2-1 score, a victory that allows them to maintain their third place position while extending their lead over their competitors.

Marbella FC’s Positive Matchday

None of their rivals managed to win their matches, while Sevilla Atlético and Yeclano did secure victories. It was a very positive matchday for Marbella FC, thanks to their win over San Roque de Lepe and the stumbles of several of their competitors. The Marbella team is distancing itself from the sixth place with one less match to play.

Marbella FC’s Serious Match Against San Roque

Fran Beltrán’s team won this Saturday in a very serious match against a combative San Roque that did not make it easy and showed more football than what the league ranking indicates. These three points allow the white team to reach 49 points and remain in the third position of the league ranking, now having a five-point advantage over their pursuers.

Results of Other Matches

Betis Deportivo and Orihuela were defeated by La Unión Atlético and Manchego, respectively; while Estepona and Águilas FC could not get past a draw against El Palo and Cartagena B. In this way, Marbella manages to lead by five points over Betis, Estepona and Orihuela, which already mark the positions outside the playoff. Águilas is already seven points behind the white team; while Balona and UCAM Murcia are already distancing themselves by 10 points.

Sevilla Atlético and Yeclano Deportivo Secure Their Playoff Spots

Ahead, Sevilla Atlético and Yeclano Deportivo did not fail and have practically secured their presence in the promotion playoff with 14 and 12 points advantage over the sixth, when only 15 remain to be disputed. Marbella has not yet secured its presence in the promotion phase, but it is on track.

Upcoming Match Against Betis Deportivo

The key will be the match next Sunday against Betis Deportivo. A victory of the Marbella team in Betis territory would practically pave their presence in the playoff.

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