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Spain’s Marbella Splurges €1.3 Million to Transform Venus Beach into a Stunning Coastal Paradise!

December 31, 2023
Spain's Marbella Splurges €1.3 Million to Transform Venus Beach into a Stunning Coastal Paradise! - venus beach marbella - Real Estate and Urban Development -

Marbella Council Unveils €1.3 Million Improvement Plan for La Venus Beach

Marbella council has announced a €1.3 million improvement plan for La Venus beach. The project, which will be undertaken by a private company, includes the construction of a Y-shaped breakwater and the importation of sand to replenish the beach’s dwindling supply.

Details of the Improvement Plan

The central jetty of the breakwater will extend 50 metres into the sea, with two side arms measuring 60 and 70 metres respectively. The beach, according to the city’s mayor Angeles Munoz, is a popular spot for both visitors and locals. However, she noted that the beach’s sand has been steadily eroded by storms, necessitating the improvement plan to maintain its appeal.

Approval from Central and Regional Governments Needed

Before the project can commence, the Marbella council will need to secure approval from both the central and regional governments. The central government had previously halted work on the beach due to its coastal budget, which aimed to protect an endangered species of limpet found in the area.

No Endangered Species Found in the Area

Despite the previous concerns, marine biologist Jose Carlos Garcia, who was consulted by the Marbella council, did not find any of the endangered ‘patella ferruginea’ in the area. This could potentially pave the way for the improvement plan to proceed.

10,000 Cubic Meters of Sand to be Imported

As part of the improvement plan, the council intends to import a total of 10,000 cubic meters of sand. This will increase the beach’s surface area, enhancing its appeal to visitors and locals alike.

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