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Discover How Kristina Szekely Transforms Marbella: A New Era Begins Under Her Command!

December 31, 2023
Discover How Kristina Szekely Transforms Marbella: A New Era Begins Under Her Command! - olivepress editorialonline 02 490x246 1 - Real Estate and Urban Development -

Marbella’s Real Estate Gem: Kristina Szekely

Kristina Szekely Real Estate, a leading name in Marbella’s property market, is a reflection of the city’s global appeal. The company, with its office in the heart of Puerto Banus, is a testament to the city’s charm, as embodied by its founder, Kristina Szekely. Living and breathing Marbella, Kristina believes the city offers something for everyone, from golf and tennis to shopping and more. She sees Marbella as a city of diversity and aspiration, a place where anyone can make a mark.

Marbella: A Global Competitor

Marbella has been on the rise for years, now competing with global cities rather than just national ones. Kristina Szekely Real Estate is at the forefront of this growth, demonstrating resilience in the face of the global cost of living crisis. The company continues to thrive as people recognize the opportunity to start a new chapter of life on the Costa del Sol, balancing work and leisure.

Changing Clientele and Resilience Amid Challenges

The company’s clientele has seen a shift over the past six months, with fewer Russians and Brits buying property due to various challenges. However, the company has seen an increase in mainland European and Irish buyers. Despite the obstacles, Kristina Szekely Real Estate remains well-positioned to weather any storm, thanks to the exceptional properties and locations it offers.

Value of Face-to-Face Meetings

While many of its competitors focus on online correspondence, Kristina Szekely Real Estate still values face-to-face meetings. The company believes in building working relationships and understanding exactly what clients want. To accommodate prospective buyers with busy schedules, Kristina Szekely’s Puerto Banus office is open seven days a week until late.

Why Choose Kristina Szekely Real Estate?

With unmatched experience on the Costa del Sol, offices in Sotogrande, Marbella, and Gibraltar, and a multilingual staff, Kristina Szekely Real Estate is a top choice for property buyers. The real question is, why wouldn’t you drop by for a chat?

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