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“Unveiling the Unsung Heroes: How Nursing is the Bedrock of Care and Emotional Support”

May 11, 2024
"Unveiling the Unsung Heroes: How Nursing is the Bedrock of Care and Emotional Support" - mini1 1715376768 - Local Events and Festivities -

Quirónsalud Nurses: The Pillars of Healthcare

Nurses at Quirónsalud are the fundamental pillars in healthcare. They care for patients from both medical and emotional perspectives, accompanying them and playing an essential role in their recovery and improvement of their quality of life.

International Nurses Day Celebration at Quirónsalud Hospitals

In honor of International Nurses Day, which is celebrated next Sunday, Quirónsalud hospitals in Andalusia have chosen to highlight the dedication of these professionals with the slogan ‘#NursingFromTheHeart’. These professionals represent a third of the Quirónsalud staff in Andalusia and carry out crucial work in hospital centers.

Quirónsalud Córdoba Nursing Director Praises Nurses

Marta Galán, the Nursing Director at Quirónsalud Córdoba, emphasized that these professionals are “essential and indispensable pieces to guarantee the medical and emotional care of our patients”. She thanked them for their commitment and dedication to delivering the best work every day.

Nursing: One of the Most Beautiful Professions

The nursing profession is “one of the most beautiful that exist, we accompany the patient, we take care of them and give them all the comfort and support they need,” Galán highlighted.

Nursing Day: A Day to Make Our Role Visible

Carmen Candela, Nursing Director of Sagrado Corazón and Materno-Infantil hospitals, stated that “Nursing Day is very important for us, it is the day we make our role in the healthcare system visible to society, and the importance of the care we provide.”

Nurses Adapt Care to Patients’ Needs

“Nurses change our way of providing care, adapting to the needs and expectations of patients and their families,” Candela added.

Quirónsalud Infanta Luisa Nursing Director Highlights Nurses’ Daily Work

Dolores Leal, the Nursing Director at Quirónsalud Infanta Luisa, once again highlighted the daily work of these professionals, as well as the idea of the transcendent value of nursing in the emotional care of patients.

Nursing: A Team Effort

“Nursing is a team where all the professionals who are part of the Hospital, all the patients who require our care and their families, have a place,” said María Teresa Castelló, Nursing Director at Quirónsalud Málaga.

Shared Leadership in Nursing

“In our center, the Nursing team works under a style of shared leadership, this represents an innovative way of managing teams and improving the quality of clinical care, with potential benefits for staff, patients, and families,” Castelló added.

Nursing: The Art of Patient Care

The nursing profession represents “the art of caring for the patient from biological, psychological, and social aspects,” said Gema Rufo, Nursing Director at Quirónsalud Campo de Gibraltar.

Nursing: The Heart of the Hospital

Margarita Sarrió, Nursing Director at Quirónsalud Huelva, stated that “nursing staff is the heart of the hospital, the vocation of each professional is the beat that keeps the spirit of care, accompaniment, and humanization to patients and families alive. Thanks to nursing, the hospital beats strongly.”

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