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Unstoppable Weekend for Sermán Triathlon Group in Marbella: A Must-Watch Spectacle!

April 17, 2024
Unstoppable Weekend for Sermán Triathlon Group in Marbella: A Must-Watch Spectacle! - mini1 1713002578 - Local Events and Festivities -

Triathletes from Grupo Serman Triatlón Club Shine in Various Events

Jorge Otalecu and Toni Toro from Grupo Serman Triathlon Club were among the athletes who made their mark last weekend. The Marbella-based club deployed its triathletes both within and outside Andalusia to participate in the most prominent events on the Triathlon calendar. Once again, they proved their mettle across various categories including juniors, seniors, veterans, and paratriathlon.

Young Athletes Excel at the IV Provincial Babyschool Triathlon Circuit

The youngest members of the club attended the Gala of the IV Provincial Babyschool Triathlon Circuit for Juniors in Granada. The event recognized athletes from the prebenjamin category up to the juvenile category. Four athletes from the club received awards: Sophie Piñol (2nd Prebenjamin), Daniel Mate (3rd Child), Gaspar Álvarez (6th Alevin), and Yoel Gómez (10th Benjamin).

IV Duathlon of Atarfe Attracts 250 Triathletes

Saturday kicked off with the IV Duathlon of Atarfe in Granada, which brought together 250 triathletes from all over Andalusia. A large team from Serman attended the event, with Blanca Berlanga standing out as she was declared runner-up in the juvenile category and positioned herself as the leader of the Andalusian Duathlon Circuit, with just one event left.

Over 400 Athletes Open Triathlon Season at XXXI Triathlon Torre del Mar

On Sunday, more than 400 athletes opened the triathlon season at the XXXI Triathlon Torre del Mar in Malaga. The club’s veterans, also known as “The Mustachioed”, Gastón Álvarez, Daniel Resa, and Jose Joaquín Gómez, successfully completed their first quality training session in the Olympic distance.

Spanish Paralympic Duathlon Championship Held in Avilés

To cap off the weekend, the Spanish Paralympic Duathlon Championship was held on Sunday in Avilés, Asturias. Two brave paratriathletes from the Marbella club, Jorge Otalecu and Toni Toro, accompanied by their coach Toni Mendaña, arrived in this beautiful city to make their mark. Over thirty paratriathletes from all over the country, representing all disability categories: physical, sensory, and intellectual, prepared for the start of the race at 8:30 in the chilly Avilés morning. The circuit ran through the streets of the old town and the surroundings of the Neimeyer Center.

Club Athletes Excel in PTSVII Category

Both athletes, representing the PTSVII category (Intellectual Disability), gave their all in the race. Jorge Otalecu was declared the runner-up of Spain, and the very young Toni Toro, who was making his debut in the sprint distance, achieved a commendable fourth place.

Intense Days of Triathlon for Grupo Serman Triatlón Club

In conclusion, it was an intense few days of triathlon that allowed the members of the Grupo Serman Triathlon Club Marbella to demonstrate their courage, worth, and strength for the 2024 season. We will continue to follow their achievements.

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