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“Unprecedented Move: The PP of Mancomunidad Calls for Toll Liberation, Something Rajoy Never Achieved!”

March 22, 2024
"Unprecedented Move: The PP of Mancomunidad Calls for Toll Liberation, Something Rajoy Never Achieved!" - mini1 1707952907 - Local Events and Festivities -

PP to Advocate for Coastal Train and Toll-Free AP-7 at the Western Costa del Sol Commonwealth

The People’s Party (PP) will bring its new campaign to the Western Costa del Sol Commonwealth, demanding the Pedro Sánchez government to implement a coastal train and remove the toll on the AP-7 highway. These are two initiatives that Mariano Rajoy did not undertake during his seven-year tenure as the head of the government.

PP’s Statement on Sustainable Mobility Infrastructure

In a statement, the PP group in the supra-municipal institution reported that it has submitted an urgent motion following recent statements by the Secretary of State for Transport and Sustainable Mobility. The secretary stated that there is no expectation to address this infrastructure, indicating a lack of interest in sustainable mobility in the province. This is reminiscent of the Rajoy government’s tenure, during which nothing was done in this regard.

Importance of Sustainable Mobility Infrastructure for Andalusian and Malaga Coastlines

The spokesperson for the PP group, José Manuel Fernández, emphasized that this sustainable mobility infrastructure, which will structure the Andalusian and Malaga coastlines, is crucial for the development of the Costa del Sol region. This is due to the systematic traffic problems located on the A7. Therefore, he demanded that the central government take responsibility for the province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol, one of Spain’s main economic and tourist engines.

Demands for a Train Connecting the Most Populated Areas of the Region

The PP is calling for a train that connects the most populated towns in the region and reaches the Campo de Gibraltar. In addition, the PP in the Commonwealth is demanding that the government explain what happened to the 8.4 million euros budgeted over the last ten years for studies on the coastal train.

Questions Regarding the Document Presented by the Minister of Development

They also want to know what has been done following the document presented in January 2018 by the Minister of Development, Íñigo de la Serna. Finally, the government is urged to agree to make the AP-7 toll-free until a railway alternative is available, thereby alleviating the heavy daily traffic on the A-7.

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