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Marbella’s El Fuerte Reopens, Now a Stunning Five-Star Hotel!

December 31, 2023
Marbella's El Fuerte Reopens, Now a Stunning Five-Star Hotel! - mini1 1684792435 - Real Estate and Urban Development -

Revamping of the Iconic El Fuerte Hotel in Marbella

The historic El Fuerte Hotel in Marbella has undergone a significant transformation, reopening as a five-star establishment. The renovation of the hotel, which has been a part of Marbella’s history for over 65 years, began in late December last year. The hotel now boasts an additional star compared to its previous rating.

Investment and Renovation Details

The reopening follows a comprehensive renovation that cost 31 million euros, including 14 million for construction, 10 million for equipment, and 7 million for expenses such as licenses, fees, and opening costs. The hotel, which has witnessed the history of the Costa del Sol, begins a new chapter as a five-star hotel with 266 rooms. The interior design was carried out by designer Jaime Beriestain.

El Fuerte Marbella: A Social Hub

For over 65 years, El Fuerte Marbella has been a meeting point for Marbella’s social life. Notable figures such as Walt Disney, Timothy Dalton, Rafael Alberti, Lola Flores, and Penélope Cruz have been seen at the hotel. More than six decades after welcoming its first guest, the complex aspires to become a reference point once again.

New Gastronomic Proposal

The reopening of El Fuerte Marbella brings with it a new gastronomic proposal from chef Paco Pérez, with a space under the concept “Traveling Mediterranean Cuisine”. Andalusia serves as a starting point for Jaime Beriestain to lead an interior design project that highlights local cultural richness, artisan tradition, and a relaxed Mediterranean essence.

Renovation Timeline and Future Plans

The renovation works began at the end of last year. The reopening was announced for March, but it has been delayed until now. The Marbella group El Fuerte has 6 four-star holiday hotels and 1 apartment complex for rent, all located in Andalusia (in Málaga, Cádiz, and Huelva) and Ibiza. In 2016, it launched a new hotel brand, Amàre, aimed at adults, whose first establishment was the renovated Fuerte Miramar, which was renamed Amàre Beach Hotel Marbella.

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