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Unprecedented Employment Boom Hits Marbella in April!

May 17, 2024
Unprecedented Employment Boom Hits Marbella in April! - mini1 1715727899 - Local Events and Festivities -

Employment Evolution Continues to Show Positive Trend in Marbella

The evolution of employment in Marbella continues to be positive. April ended with a new record of social security contributions for the month in the municipality of Marbella. However, a slowdown is perceived following the strong pull of previous years. There is also a new maximum record of self-employed individuals, a trend that continues to grow without stopping. The data is promising as we approach the high summer season.

Contextualizing April’s Employment Figures

On this occasion, Easter had already been celebrated in March, so the April figures need to be contextualized without this tourist period. Employment continues its positive evolution for the third consecutive month, after the January drop following the Christmas campaign, heading towards summer.

Ministry of Social Security Data for Marbella

According to data from the Ministry of Social Security, there were 77,572 social security contributions in Marbella at the end of April, 1,647 more than in March (+2.17%). This is the best figure for affiliations in this month of the entire historical series, which spans from 2003, therefore the last 21 years. However, a slowdown is observed as if we take the annual data, there are 192 more affiliations than in the same month of 2023.

Record Number of Self-Employed Individuals in April

The month of April ended with 83 more self-employed individuals in Marbella, for a total figure of 14,716, which is a new absolute record. There have been three consecutive increases after the January drop, marking a new maximum record. There have never been so many self-employed workers in the municipality.

Employment Data for 2024

The data for 2024 shows a total of 77,572 social security affiliates in April, an increase of 1,647 from March. The number of self-employed individuals also increased by 83 to a total of 14,716. The registered unemployment decreased by 336 to 8,400.

Comparison with Previous Years

When compared with the same month in previous years, there is a noticeable increase in the number of social security affiliates and self-employed individuals. In April 2023, there were 77,380 social security affiliates and 14,121 self-employed individuals. In April 2022, these numbers were 72,775 and 13,727 respectively. This upward trend has been consistent over the past few years, indicating a positive evolution of employment in Marbella.

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