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Marbella FC Aims to Leverage Home Advantage at the Impregnable Fortress of La Dama de Noche!

May 17, 2024
Marbella FC Aims to Leverage Home Advantage at the Impregnable Fortress of La Dama de Noche! - mini1 1715850474 - Sports and Recreation -

Marbella FC Aims to Maintain Strong Home Record at La Dama de Noche

Marbella FC is set to host Getafe B this Sunday at La Dama de Noche in the second leg of the first round of the 1st RFEF promotion playoffs. Over the past two seasons, the white-clad team has turned their home ground into a fortress, suffering only two defeats in 32 matches, the last of which was over five months ago. Since moving to La Dama de Noche, Marbella FC has continued to grow in footballing terms, thanks to a pitch where the team has been able to capitalize on its strengths and always strives to play good football.

Impressive Home Record for Marbella FC

In fact, over the last two seasons, Marbella has only suffered two defeats at their home stadium. Out of 32 home games at La Dama de Noche, only two of the results would have left the white-clad team out of the playoffs. This season, Marbella has played 17 home matches, achieving 10 victories, 5 draws, and only two defeats. The two losses were more than five months ago against direct rivals Betis Deportivo (0-2) and Yeclano Deportivo (1-2).

Marbella FC’s Previous Season Performance

In the previous season, the Marbella team was a force to be reckoned with at their home stadium, achieving 14 victories and 1 draw in the 15 matches they played as the home team. The team aims to maintain this positive momentum at their home ground and in front of their fans to secure a pass in this first round of the 1st RFEF promotion playoffs against Getafe B.

Marbella FC’s History Against Reserve Teams in Promotion Playoffs

While the home numbers are a good omen for the white-clad team, their record in playoffs against reserve teams is not as promising. Marbella FC has fallen in three promotion phases against teams affiliated with First Division clubs. The last time was in the 2021/22 season against Almería B. In the 2nd RFEF promotion playoff, played as a single match in Estepona, the Marbella team lost 1-2.

Marbella FC’s Previous Encounters with Reserve Teams

A few seasons earlier, in 2017/18, Marbella was paired with Celta de Vigo B. On that occasion, the white-clad team lost in the opponent’s territory by 2-0 and had to make a comeback at the Municipal Antonio Lorenzo. A double from Francis Ferrón forced extra time and the match was decided on penalties. Once again, luck was not on Marbella’s side and they were eliminated. The first promotion playoff against a reserve team took place in the 2011/12 season. Marbella faced Real Madrid C in the second round, after eliminating Mairena in the first. The white-clad team lost at the municipal stadium by 1-2 and again in Valdebebas by 2-0.

Marbella FC’s Upcoming Match Against Getafe B

Now, Fran Beltrán’s team has the opportunity to break this losing streak against First Division reserve teams. On the horizon is next Sunday’s match against Getafe B, starting at 6:00 p.m.

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